Go Back And Unite My People

Go back and unite my people

I’m not quite finished with sharing my experience of the State Fair of Minnesota in August. I visited the booth of the Independence Party of Minnesota. The Independence Party earned major party status in the state of Minnesota from 1994 to 2014.

Go back and unite my people

The gentleman I spoke with was polite and friendly. He said it would a great step forward if people in Minnesota could disagree on politics, but be otherwise friendly. I felt a common vibration with him. I shared with him my hope that people penetrate their attachments to their ethnicity, their nationality and their religion. He realized that I was talking about a larger scope than Minnesota, but he was with me. I shared a copy of The Proclamation with him. We talked about how the New Message from God could foster human unity and cooperation.

“I have a slight advantage”

We chatted a little further along these lines, and then the gentleman shared what might be the great secret of his life. He said he had a slight advantage over most people. I asked “In what way?” He then shared that he temporarily died in a car crash 12 years earlier, and had a brief experience of the afterlife. Paramedics resuscitated him shortly afterwards. His story grabbed my attention. I mentioned how many people who have similar experiences are given a message to give or a task to accomplish. Was he told anything? He said, “Go back and unite my people.”

I didn’t ask him what the phrase “my people” meant, and he didn’t tell me. Shortly after this, someone else came up to the booth. The gentleman felt he needed to stop talking with me and start talking to this new person. I don’t know if he will succeed at his mission. But he seemed to be working on it when I found him. I didn’t get any contact information, but I feel like I will meet him again before too long.

* * *

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