Honeybees Holler Help!

honey-beeSome of the poets who have appeared in this space have expressed a great fondness for bees. In the poem “The Force of Friendship,” Rumi wrote “The bee, through mystic inspiration, fills its rooms with honey.” In the poem “Last Night, As I Was Sleeping,” Antonio Machado dreamed of a beehive in his heart, where the golden bees made white combs and sweet honey from his past failures.

The movie “The Deadly Bees” was made during my childhood  During my lifetime, much anxiety has been expressed over the spread of Africanized bees through South and Central America.

Honeybees holler help!

These days, honeybees in North America and Europe are having troubles. Apparently entire colonies of bees collapse as part of the normal course of events. 2006 was a particularly bad year for beekeepers. This isn’t just bad for beekeepers or honey lovers. This is bad for growers and eaters of the many different foods pollinated by honeybees, like you and me.

People seem to have recognized that this is a serious problem. I believe a lot of smart people are working on the problem. Many causes have been proposed, including pesticides, parasites, viruses, fungi, genetic factors, beekeeping practices and electromagnetic radiation.

I make no claim to know which cause or group of causes is the most important factor. All I know is that the collapse of large numbers of bee colonies is the bees’ way of crying out “Help!” I hope that we remember how much we need the bees. I hope we are not too hard on the bees.

I recently had a thought that every species on earth needs a human spokesperson, a human advocate, a human singer of that species. Who hears the honeybees holler help? I’m not taking on Apis mellifera, the honeybee, at least not today, but it would be a good thing if someone did.

* * *

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