“Do No Harm, Will No Harm”

MVS28Jan2015 Do no harm, will no harmLast week, the worldwide community of the New Message from God kept the Messenger’s Vigil, a seven-night series of online gatherings ending on the birthday of Marshall Vian Summers.

Do no harm, will no harm

From Christmas Day of 2014 to January 28 of 2015, the Summers family (Marshall, his wife Patricia, his son Reed) had been traveling in the Middle East and South Asia, spending time in Turkey (Istanbul), Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria) and Pakistan (Karachi and Lahore).

Marshall Vian Summers made some remarks at the end of the final webcast of the 2015 Messenger’s Vigil. It is too long to quote in its entirety, but there was something he said that struck me like thunder. It starts at roughly 1:06:15 in the video.

“The New Message says, ‘Do no harm and will no harm. Do no harm; will no harm.’ That’s a practice! Wherever you go, seeing the condition of people and the forces that are affecting their life, I had to practice this continuously everywhere I went: be neutral, see, listen, take this in, listen to these people, consider the forces that are governing their minds and their circumstances; these are not free nations [referring to Turkey, Egypt and Pakistan]. So how you are regarded in The Revelation, the value given to your life, and the meaning of your destiny, is something for you to adopt.”

Do no harm, will no harm. The Latin phrase Primum, non nocere or “First, do no harm” is derived from the medical writings of Hippocrates in the 5th Century BC. But it is now being extended from physicians to everyone. Perhaps one day the Latin phrase “Non nocere, non volere malum” will be as well known as “Primum, non nocere

“Do no harm, will no harm” could be considered as an alternate formulation of “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Many people have wondered throughout the years whether this is a command or an observation of human behavior. There are, alas, some people who are cruel to others because they hate themselves. “Do no harm, will no harm” forbids self-hatred.

Do no harm, will no harm. The Wiccans have a precept “An’ it harm none, do what ye will,” or “As long as you aren’t harming anyone, do as you wish.” But becoming a person who not only does no harm, but wills no harm takes some practice. Marshall mentioned that this is practice to do anytime, anywhere.

Do no harm, will no harm. Step 287 of Steps to Knowledge teaches, “With Knowledge I cannot be at war.” As I pondered Marshall’s words further I thought “With Knowledge I cannot do harm. With Knowledge I cannot will harm.”

Do no harm, will no harm. I am going about my daily routine in pretty much the same way as I did before I heard these words. But in my mind, I am broadcasting in all languages, on all frequencies, “Do no harm, will no harm.”

* * *

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