The Boulder Flood Wasn’t Just Another Flood For Us

The devastating flooding in the Boulder, Colorado area was much more than just another flood for the New Message from God community.

First, a person could stand at the front door of the offices of the New Message from God, and throw a stone into Four-Mile Creek.  On normal days, Four-Mile Creek is a tiny trickle.  But during the Boulder flooding, Four-Mile Creek was a raging, twenty-feet-by-eight-feet torrent.

Everyone in the Boulder New Message community is accounted for, although I’ve heard some reports of property damage.  Everything in the offices were moved to two feet off the floor, but Four-Mile Creek didn’t overflow its banks in the area of the offices.

Second, the Boulder floods didn’t happen at just any time, but shortly after the time of the 2013 Encampment, the annual global New Message gathering. Some attendees were just leaving Boulder as the flooding started.

It is the general opinion in the New Message community that the Boulder flooding was not just another catastrophic flood, but part of a series of events including the recent 500-year flooding in Europe, the 2011 Japanese tsunami, and the Queensland, Australia flooding of 2010-2011.  The New Message from God includes a prediction, a prophecy, that humanity will face a number of wrenching adjustments, including climatic disruptions, in its present and future developments.  These adjustments are described in greater detail in the book The Great Waves of Change (downloadable for free at the link; go ahead, I’ll wait)

The 2013 Boulder flooding wasn’t just another 100-year flood for the New Message from God community.  It was a time where we were confronted by our message’s prophecy.  We will remember the 2013 Boulder flooding as the time the Great Waves of Change came (almost literally) to our front door.


* * *

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