My Mission Is Like An Unfurling Fern

unfurling fern frond

My mission is waiting to manifest, like an unfurling fern.

Step 33 “I Have A Mission in My Life to Fulfill,” tells me that my mission was given to me before I came here and will be reviewed once I have left. There was a time when I wished this were not so. There was a time when I wished I could remember what my mission was now so that I would not be speculating and wondering about what it was I was supposed to fulfill.

My notes for this Step say:

“This is all very intriguing, because of course I want to know what my mission is right now, at least that is how I felt when I first embarked on Steps to Knowledge. I thought it was a bit of bummer to have to wait until the end of my life to know whether I had accomplished my mission or not.

“Now, however, even though not that much time has passed since I began Steps, I feel a new contentment and willingness to just take life as it comes, confident that as I reclaim Knowledge, I will be led in the right direction. And if I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing already, it will soon become clear and I will know what I need to do.

“I know that if I have not already met the people I am supposed to engage with, this will happen in due time too—I will have this engagement. I have absolutely no doubts. And I want to be ready and awake and receptive, clear in the knowledge that this is what is meant for me. No conclusions, I will just wait and see.”

My mission is like an unfurling fern

I had obviously calmed down a bit by the time I reached this Step and decided it was quite alright to be in the dark about my mission, to wait and see what came to light as I continued my journey. Just like the unfurling fern.

unfurling fern fronds

I am delighted to have found this “unfurling fern” analogy for my mission. I took this photo just last week on a trip out into the Russian countryside during the long weekend of the May 9 Victory Day celebrations. I took it because the ferns reminded me of my favorite childhood storyteller, Enid Blyton, and her descriptions of enchanted woods. It may not be quite as pleasing to the eye as gapowell’s rendition above, but it holds significance for me. I knew my mission, although unconsciously, as a child who so enjoyed Enid Blyton’s books and took special note of unfurling ferns. And now the image of the unfurling fern returns to me.

As it turns out, I have shared on Step 33 in this space before and wrote of my contentment and willingness to take life as it comes, without turning this mission thing into a big deal. This seems like a sane strategy.

Steps to Knowledge are very good about putting things in better perspective. They are very good about reducing the ego down to a more manageable size.

Step 33 says:

It is not so important at this moment that you evaluate your current life to see if it reflects this greater purpose, for you are now involved in the reclamation of Knowledge. As your Knowledge becomes stronger, it will shine its beneficence upon you and through you. Your activities will then be adjusted as is necessary.

The emphasis is shifted from me to the larger picture. It is not so much about me fulfilling some mighty and magnificent mission, as the Knowledge I am reclaiming shining through me and making a difference in the world. And this could manifest in the most mundane and simplest way. My mission is like an unfurling fern. It may not be anything earth-shattering, but it will be the best thing I have ever done.

* * *

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