With Gratitude And High Expectation

With gratitude and high expectation

It is the season for the worldwide community of the New Message from God to observe the Steps Vigil. This is a 20-day period (May 26-June 14). In this period in 1989, Marshall Vian Summers received the book Steps to Knowledge. This took place in Albany, New York without any public attention. There are many posts in this space regarding the annual Steps Vigil, here, here and here.

With gratitude and high expectation

Many books have dedications where the author chooses to honor a particular person. Some book dedications are literature in and of themselves. Steps to Knowledge has a dedication as well. I have never gotten around to sharing it, but today seems like a good time.


“This method is given to
all students of Knowledge in the world
with gratitude and high expectation
from your Spiritual Family.
Follow the instructions as they are given.
In this way, the power and efficacy of this work
will be revealed to you and, therefore,
Our gift to you will have been given.
It is with great excitement
that We bestow this upon you
and through you upon your world.”

Who are the students of Knowledge in the world? Like gold, they are where you find them. There are students of Steps to Knowledge in many countries, speaking many languages. We are following an invisible light. And yet, we are also choosing to take each step.

Who is my Spiritual Family? Steps to Knowledge speaks of it in a number of the 365 steps. Relationships I have reclaimed over a long time. A group of learners. Those who gave me a mission in the world.

Steps to Knowledge stresses the importance of following the steps as they are given in multiple steps. Sometimes I have looked at the directions and wondered, “I can do that? I must be able to if they are telling me to.”

With gratitude and high expectation. I feel the emotions expressed in this dedication. For me, it is as if it is known that Steps to Knowledge would make people more able to serve an emerging world.

* * *

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