What If I Cried Out To Come To This World?

What if I cried out to come to this world?
“If only I could be in this play, I would touch the hearts of the audience!”

The American humorist Dave Barry made this observation as one of the things he learned in 50 years of living.

There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age 11.

This may be true in Dave Barry’s world, but it is not true in mine. As a student of the New Message from God, a birthday is so much more than a biological event.

What if I cried out to come to this world?

What if I cried out to come to this world?
Step 65 of Steps to Knowledge, the book of spiritual practice of the New Message from God

A person’s birthday is the beginning of efforts toward purpose. Some traditions teach that people are correcting distortions from previous lives. But the New Message from God frames it as the beginning of progressively greater efforts towards a purpose.

Steps to Knowledge, Step 33. I have a mission in my life to fulfill.
Step 33 of Steps to Knowledge

Step 33 of Steps to Knowledge teaches “You have a mission in life to fulfill, a mission that was given you before you came here, a mission that you will review once you have left. It involves the reclamation of Knowledge and the proper engagement with others to bring about specific results in the world.” Therefore, a birthday is a day of contemplating that mission given me before I came here. I do not claim to have recalled that mission. I claim to be preparing to recall that mission.

I mentioned once that I participated in a number of theatrical productions in an earlier season in life. I have this picture in my mind’s eye. The work of preparation for bringing someone to this world could be a little bit like a theatrical audition. Usually a call is made for an audition in a place where actors gather. It is a director’s nightmare for the time of the audition to arrive and no actors show up. But usually some actors show up for various reasons. The actors read from the script, they sing and dance. The director is not only looking for competence, but an inner correspondence. A connection between the role and the actor.

Sometimes there is an abundance of actors, and callback auditions are held to decide between multiple worthy candidates. But at each stage in the process, an actor had to choose to show up. The actor who was cast in a particular role had to choose to show up, possibly multiple times.

What if I cried out to come to this world? To serve its evolution and destiny?

What if I cried out to come to this world? It’s as if they told me there was an opportunity for me to come to this world. To meet certain people and give certain gifts. And meeting these people and giving these gifts would satisfy the deepest longing within me. I can think of times when I have knocked on certain doors in life, figuratively speaking. As I knocked, something within me was crying out, “Oh, if only this door would open to me. If this door opens to me, I promise I will make the most of it.” One of my fellow New Message students expressed this by saying “I have to make an adamant declaration.” I don’t know if this is true or not, but it seems to put me in a position of wanting to be more attentive. That might be important.

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