I Can Handle Not Understanding Something

If I read something and I just don’t understand it, it means either I need more background material, or the writer didn’t put enough of an emphasis on being understood.  I am pleased to report that this is not one of my issues in my study of Steps to Knowledge.  I am further pleased to report that this most likely will not be an issue for most people studying Steps to Knowledge.  I know this because I have taken steps 1 through 23, and submitted them to various online readability metrics.

The Gunning fog index is based on the length of sentences, and the percentage of complex words in a given text.  The resulting statistic is the number of years of formal education considered necessary to understand a text on the first reading.  The Gunning fog index of steps 1 through 23 is 10.66, meaning a sophomore in high school would have a fighting chance of understanding it on his first reading.

The Coleman-Liau Index is based on the lengths of words and sentences.  The resulting statistic is the US grade level thought necessary to understand the text.  The Coleman-Liau Index of steps 1 through 23 is 9.31, meaning a freshman in high school might be able to understand it.

The Flesch-Kincaid grade level is based on the lengths of words as measured in syllables, and the lengths of sentences. It is the formula used by the US Department of Defense to measure the readability of technical manuals.  The Flesch-Kincaid grade level for steps 1 through 23 is 9.10.  In addition, there is a metric called Flesch reading ease, where comic strips are between 90 and 100, and complex legal documents are between 0 and 10.  The Flesch reading ease for steps 1 through 23 is 56.69, which is consistent with the 9.10 grade level.

On the one hand, Steps to Knowledge isn’t all that difficult to understand.  On the other hand, Steps to Knowledge provides a succinct, clearly worded and reasonably friendly challenge to my everyday interpretation of the world.  It does a certain degree of violence to the self I consider myself to be when left to my own devices.  It brings an indictment that that self is a false, imagined self which is apart from life.


* * *

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