Should You Be Alarmed? Or Just Alerted?

shrinking-well-small-295x300 Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted?The New Message from God includes a series of teachings called the Great Waves of Change.

Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted?

What are the Great Waves of Change? Difficult times in the near future, wrenching adjustments that humanity faces as a result of its behavior.

Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted? What kind of wrenching adjustments? A set of wrenching adjustments including, but not limited to warmer global climate, environmental collapse, a loss of arable land, economic collapse, involuntary mass human migrations, wars of desperation and …(taking a breath) religious conflicts.

Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted? And when are these wrenching adjustments taking place? No particular dates have been given. However, Marshall Vian Summers, messenger of the New Message from God, has remarked from time to time that humanity is in the foothills of the Great Waves of Change. While it was a mixing of metaphors, it gave a particular image, because these remarks were usually made in the city of Boulder, Colorado, to people living in Boulder. Boulder is a city in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

BoulderCVB3 Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted?

Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted? I realize that it might be easy at this point to construe Marshall Vian Summers as yet another voice in a great chorus of doommongers. But some things have happened this year about which I have wondered. I share those things with you now.

Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted?

Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted? The city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a metropolitan area of some 20 million inhabitants, faced rationing of drinking water. This got my attention because Sao Paulo is Portuguese for St. Paul, and I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. The story was mostly ignored by American media, gaining only mentions in passing. A student of the New Message who lives not too far from Sao Paolo writes:

Many areas inside Sao Paulo city, and many other cities in the Sao Paulo state, and many regions of near states are rationing. Mega public works being announced and started, but these things take time and most of them are not really thought through. Around November/December summer starts and it’s going to begin another cycle of peak usage. I see each year getting harder and harder, with possibility of upheaval here and there along the way, such as occurred last year in the city of Itu, Sao Paulo.”

Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted?Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted? An article in Water Resources Journal recently declared that water levels in 21 of 37 major aquifers (underground bodies of water) around the world are declining. Ground water is being used faster than it is being replenished.

Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted?Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted? One of those aquifers measured in the above article is the one for the Central Valley of California. Victor Davis Hanson is both a historian and a Central Valley farmer. He paints the following picture:

“Domestic and agricultural wells are going dry all over Central California, especially in the corridors south of Fresno to the Grapevine, along the Sierra Nevada foothills, and out west of the 99 Freeway — anywhere there is not a deep aquifer. I have never seen anything quite like this water madness in 60 years, as families scrimp and borrow to drill, or simply move to town to take advantage of municipal wells. I have developed a habit as I drive to work to Stanford of counting the abandoned homes I see west of Highway 41 (sort of like counting those who sit in Wal-Mart not to shop, but to enjoy the air conditioning they cannot afford). The number increases each week. Retired couples — or families in general — apparently do not have tens of thousands of dollars to drill a deeper well, especially given the uncertainty of how fast the dropping water table will soon make their investment superfluous. Without water, there is nothing.

Some dry farmland is turning into vacant parcels. Many rural homes must have potable water trucked in. Hispanics who recently immigrated to California and bought or rented older homes with shallow wells in these areas of the valley countryside have no money to drill deeper $30,000 domestic wells. Nor do many poor whites, who often live in isolated communities in the foothills. Who has the capital to gamble on finding scarce water in dicey granite seams? There is no water in the reservoirs left to recharge the water table or to fill canals that can be tapped for domestic use.”

Should you be alarmed? Or just alerted? Who knows, maybe the “hydric collapse” of Sao Paulo was only a momentary glitch. But what if it isn’t? Who knows, maybe the NASA scientists are mistaken about the state and trend of the world’s aquifers. But what if they aren’t? Who knows, maybe the rain and snow that hasn’t come to the Central Valley for the past four years will come this year. But what if it doesn’t?

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