Who Will Sing The Amur Tiger’s Song?

Amur-tiger Who will sing the Amur Tiger's song?In February of 2014, I shared a beautiful dream I have. My beautiful dream is for every plant and animal species on earth to have at least one human spokesperson, at least one human advocate, at least one human singer. When I first had this beautiful dream, I had no idea whether such a thing was possible.

Who will sing the Amur Tiger’s song?

In December of 2014, I discovered that there may be a vast number of undiscovered species in the world. But even if there is, the number of people in the world is 700 times larger than the number of species in the world. I also read a report that 6,000 vertebrate species were threatened to some extent. I write today of one of those species.

Who will sing the Amur Tiger’s song? The Amur tiger is classified as a subspecies of the tiger, Panthera tigris. It lives mostly in far eastern Russia and to a much smaller extent in northeastern China. There might be some Amur tigers living in North Korea. They are currently mentioned on the IUCN Red List as endangered.

Who will sing the Amur Tiger’s song? I have three distinct items of good news. First, the Amur tiger was considered to be critically endangered in 1996, and upgraded to merely endangered in 2010. Second, the number of Amur tigers in Russia has increased since the last census of 2005. How much, you ask? The result of the 2005 census was between 423 and 502 individuals. The result of the latest census is between 480 and 540 individuals.

Who will sing the Amur Tiger’s song? The third piece of good news is that there is an advocacy/conservation organization for the Amur tiger, the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance, or ALTA. Will their efforts succeed? I hope so. They seem to be moving in the right direction.

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