I See My Colleague Though A Century Hence

British Museum Great Court. I see my colleague though a century hence

The worldwide community of the New Message from God recently observed the 2019 Messenger’s Vigil. The Vigil is a series of live and online gatherings in the month of January. In this Vigil, we contemplate the life and work of Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger of the New Message from God.

I see my colleague though a century hence

Marshall Vian Summers, January 2019. I see my colleague though a century hence

On both the first and second nights of the Vigil, Marshall Vian Summers laid out a roadmap of the future of the New Message from God, by giving four purposes for its existence.

“The first [purpose of the New Message from God] is the survival of humanity in the future, facing the Great Waves of change and the reality of the Greater Community of life in the universe, a universe where freedom is rare and influence is powerful.

Second, to prepare for our emergence as a free race into this Greater Community, for we are going there. It is coming here. It is happening. There’s no retreating to some pastoral life in the past. There’s no embracing some former imagined existence, some golden era that probably never was. We are going into this reality.

Third, to foster a greater intelligence in the world and the human family, to call forth the power of Knowledge that lives within each person and give them an opportunity to experience this, to discover it, and to develop it, for their own benefit and ultimately for the benefit of others.

And lastly, to keep this Knowledge alive in the world, where it can so easily die out, as it has died out in so many other worlds, or was never known to begin with.”

I stretch myself again in space and time.

State Fair of Minnesota. I see my colleague though a century hence

I see my colleague, though a century hence. While Marshall’s words about the purpose of the New Message are very important, it was something else he said that sparked something in me. At the very end, he said,

“I ask you to affirm Knowledge in others, as I have affirmed Knowledge in you. I ask you to share Revelation with others, as I have shared Revelation with you. Seek for those who are searching, who are reaching, not for those who are asleep and cannot be awoken. They will come to you; you will find them. And you’ll be prompted to say something to them, as they’re standing next to you in line at the store, or wherever this might happen.

This is my testimony. It is being recorded for you, for those who are watching from afar and for those yet to come who knew, who will find out what the Messenger said to his people at the time of Revelation.”

What was sparked in me? I could clearly see in my mind’s eye a student of the New Message from God in the year 2119. A hundred years from now. They were watching this recording of the 2019 Messenger’s Vigil. They were nodding their head, taking encouragement and spiritual nourishment.

The New Message from God goes to great lengths to say that nothing is guaranteed. Humanity may not survive an increasingly difficult world. Humanity may fail to defend its freedom. Knowledge may die out in this world, as it has died out in so many others. Maybe what I saw was merely happy imagination or wishful thinking. But it’s something I haven’t seen until relatively recently. I see my colleague, though a century hence.

* * *

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