Unexpected? Maybe, But Consistent

The-Steps-Vigil-2015-1024x535 Unexpected? Maybe, but consistentAlisa shared some remarks of Marshall Vian Summers at the recent 2015 Steps Vigil of the New Message from God. The Steps Vigil commemorates the 20-day period in 1989 when the book Steps to Knowledge was received by Marshall Vian Summers. The Steps Vigil could be construed as a celebration of the birthday of Steps to Knowledge, as it were. Marshall said these words on the Day 11 webcast of the Steps Vigil, around the 42:55 mark

Unexpected? Maybe, but consistent

“I’d like to say a few words about Steps to Knowledge tonight — why it is here, what it means and what it’s intended to do for all who can study it. First of all, Steps to Knowledge is an ancient teaching that has been used in the universe in many places. What we are receiving now is the version of Steps to Knowledge designed for the human family, designed for our temperament, our world, our potential, our crises, our general condition.”

I don’t blame you if you receive these words with a certain skepticism or incredulity. In fact, if you didn’t, you may not be fully paying attention. You might be asking “On what basis does he make this claim that Steps to Knowledge is an ancient teaching?” One answer is “On the basis of the text of Steps to Knowledge.” Specifically, Step 170 of Steps to Knowledge, “I am following the Ancient Rite of preparation today.” Here is a paragraph from that step.

“This preparation that you are undertaking is ancient in its origin. It has been used for centuries, in this world and in other worlds as well. It is only adapted in its language and in its relevancy to your current time, yet it prepares the mind in the way that minds have always been prepared in The Way of Knowledge, for Knowledge does not change and the preparations only adapt themselves to current events and current understanding so that they may be relevant for the recipients. Yet, the true mechanism for preparation is unchanged.”

Therefore, what Marshall is sharing is something that has been claimed by Steps to Knowledge from its arrival in 1989. Therefore, one could think of Steps to Knowledge as “The Ancient Rite of preparation, Earth Version.” Or “The Ancient Rite of preparation, Humanity Version.” Unexpected? Maybe, but consistent.

* * *

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