Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone Vazuza Reservoir, Russia

Stepping out of your comfort zone takes courage and a certain amount of willingness to embrace new ideas. And this is precisely what the Free School of the New Message from God is offering in its current November/December session with the opportunity to contemplate The New God, a revelation received by Marshall Vian Summers in 2009.

It begins with:

There is a New Revelation about God, a Revelation that takes God out of the ancient history of humanity, out of the conflicts and the fantasies and the misunderstandings of humanity. This Revelation takes God into the larger panorama of life in the universe called the Greater Community.

This brought to mind a book by Tom Robbins called Skinny Legs and All that I read a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed.

I recall finding particular affiliation with some of the author’s ideas. For instance, he writes:

“Of course, religion’s omnipresent defenders are swift to point out the comfort it provides for the sick, the weary, and the disappointed. Yes, true enough. But the Deity does not dawdle in the comfort zone! If one yearns to see the face of the Divine, one must break out of the aquarium, escape the fish farm, to go swim up wild cataracts, dive in deep fjords. One must explore the labyrinth of the reef, the shadows of lily pads.

“A longing for the Divine is intrinsic in Homo sapiens. … We approach the Divine by enlarging our souls and lighting up our brains. To expedite those two things may be the mission of our existence.”

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

This resonated with me. So what I am trying to point out here is that while the idea of a New God may seem baffling, even outrageous and frightening to some, when contemplated from a vantage point out of your comfort zone, it just may be the most expansive and freeing concept you will find.

It opens up wide vistas of clear water, it provides free movement and vast expanses for exploration, it reveals a larger panorama of life, and it allows escape from the restrictions of the comfort zone to embrace a whole new perspective on life.

I am happy to tell you that I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I personally find nothing new in this New God at all, it is the God I always knew was there, the God that has always been. So the words toward the end of the revelation spoke straight to my heart:

This has come from the new God—new only to your understanding, for there is only one God and that God is neither new nor old, but has always been.

* * *

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