Sowing The Seeds Of My Practice

sowing-seedsI am sowing the seeds of my practice in my world and moving onward and upward toward the light. This is the reason I am sharing my practice of Steps to Knowledge here at Mystery of Ascension.

I began my practice at the beginning of November 2012, and by the beginning of 2013, I was doing the Step 49 Review.  At the beginning of 2014, I have reached the Step 238 Review. I am viewing this as a serious accomplishment.

I am pleased with my Steps practice during the past year. Although it is taking longer than a year to complete the entire study program and I am not doing one step a day, I feel I have adhered to the recommendations given in the Introduction to Steps to Knowledge

“Steps to Knowledge is a complete program of study. Each step takes you higher and closer to your self-discovery. Therefore, plan to go the whole way. If you don’t stop, you will advance.”

I plan to go the whole way, I am not stopping, and I can even say I am advancing.

The Introduction goes on to say:

If you miss a day, simply return to practice. Do not condemn yourself (or the program). You need only continue in Steps to receive its full benefit.

I am continuing in Steps and I feel as though I am reaping the fruits it offers, receiving its full benefit. My life is in harmony, I have meaningful and happy relationships with the other people in my life, my physical, mental, and spiritual needs are being met, I awaken each day raring to go.

And I am:

Sowing the Seeds of My Practice

In February 2013, I found Mystery of Ascension. I do not precisely recall now how I found it, let’s just say the circumstances are mysterious. But find it I did, and it was like coming home. I read every post and then I avidly awaited each new update, finding so much that resonated with me in each and every post.

In July 2013, I was delighted to accept Douglas’s invitation to become a guest blogger at Mystery of Ascension. He said he believed it would be a great way to sow the seeds of my practice in my world and he offered me a spectrum of opportunity.  I could either be a guest for a time period of my choice (a certain number of days, weeks, months) or I could post and edit for as long as I wanted.

I have chosen the second option. Sharing and sowing the seeds of my practice of Steps to Knowledge in my world has been such an inspiring and fulfilling experience for me that I wish to continue. I am so happy with this partnership.

I have the feeling that Douglas is happy with our partnership too.  I hope it is fulfilling his vision of uniting the world in order to successfully emerge into the Greater Community. I hope it is fulfilling his vision of having posts in other languages.

I have a deep yearning to reclaim Knowledge, I have a deep yearning to learn the Truth, I have a deep yearning to return to my Source. I have a deep yearning to play my small part in the whole, to make my contribution. I feel that sowing the seeds of my practice of Steps to Knowledge in my world in 2013 has helped me to satisfy this yearning, but it is only the beginning.

In 2014, I wish to continue this journey with ongoing dedication and perseverance, for it is the journey of a lifetime, and as long as I am alive in this world I am committed to continuing my climb up the mountain.


* * *

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