Some Literary Comparing and Contrasting

This is another post in a series comparing and contrasting the books “A Course in Miracles” and “Steps to Knowledge.”

One significant difference is that A Course in Miracles includes a text of roughly 290,000 words, while Steps to Knowledge does not.  The Workbook for Students of A Course in Miracles contains 365 lessons, as does Steps to Knowledge.  Some people might consider it reasonable to compare Steps to Knowledge with the Workbook for Students.

I find Steps to Knowledge and the Workbook for Students to be roughly equal in readability, both relatively free of idioms.

I had a thought today which I have never had before.  The thought is, since different people read the text of A Course in Miracles at different rates, the people will have many different states of mind when they study a particular lesson.  Therefore, there will be a wide range of outcomes when students study A Course in Miracles.  There might not be as wide a range of outcomes when students study Steps to Knowledge.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Is this a bug or a feature?

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