Snap Out Of Your Haphazard Meaningless Life

Snap out of your haphazard meaningless life

This is the seventh post in a series of posts on the revelation “The Great Turning Point for Humanity.” This revelation is a small part of the New Message from God. The first post is here. The previous post is here.

UPDATE 07/07/2021: The next post in the series is here.

What have we seen so far? Humanity faces great ongoing disruptions. Declining resources, a less hospitable climate, environmental degradation, and extraterrestrial intervention. There is a New Message from God that will help humanity to prepare. But to prepare requires a certain ennobling and strengthening inside.

Snap out of your haphazard meaningless life

The following is the 41th paragraph of this teaching. I will add my experience of each paragraph in brackets.

God is sounding the alarm. It is not just for one group. It is not just for one nation. It is for the whole world.

[The alarm is not just for one ethnicity. The great calling out of self-obsession is not just for one nation. The calling out of attempts at fulfillment is not just for one religion. It is for the whole world.]

There is nowhere to hide. There is nowhere to escape to. There is nowhere that will not be overtaken by the Great Waves of change or feel the danger of the Intervention that is occurring in the world today by forces from beyond.

[This was mentioned in an earlier paragraph. There is nowhere where resources will be plentiful. There is nowhere where the climate will be unaffected. There is nowhere where the environment will not be deteriorated.]

You must snap out of your dreams. You must snap out of your weakness and your pathetic attitudes and hostility towards others.

[I must snap out of my dreams, and so forth. We must snap out of our weakness, and so forth. I think of these words of American clergyman Edward Everett Hale (1822-1909):
“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.]

No one great leader is going to come and save humanity and lead you out of this great crisis. It will be the efforts of many people working in concert together.

[ Snap out of your meaningless haphazard life. Many people going to have to respond. Furthermore, many people must work with people they hadn’t planned on working with. If humanity survives and secures its freedom, no one will praise the great leader.]

God has given you the Revelation to show you what is coming and what must be done to prepare, within yourself in life and in your relationship with others. But beyond this, there must be great human invention. There must be great human effort. There must be great human expense. This will take all the wealth in the world to prepare for.

[The wealthy of our world do not envision this future. If they did, they would act differently. But you and I must think more creatively, to prepare for the rising seas and the drying lands.]

It is perfect for you, who otherwise would lead a haphazard, meaningless life, filled with disappointments, misunderstanding, without real direction, without real meaning. You would wander from thing to thing, from person to person, seeking whatever you are seeking, but still really disengaged, mostly, from what is important around you.

[ Snap out of your haphazard meaningless life. What do they mean by this? Most people do not think of themselves as having a mission or a greater purpose. If you were to examine it in detail, you would discover that survival and gratification motivated a lot of people. But you have a greater mission, one that involves the survival and freedom of the human family. Rise to the occasion!]

* * *

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1 thought on “Snap Out Of Your Haphazard Meaningless Life

  1. Thank you Douglas for sharing this important Teaching and your commentary on it.

    I have seen the great majority of people are ‘waiting it out’, waiting until things go back to ‘normal’ or the ‘way things were’….

    From the Teachings in the New Message, we know that is not going to happen, and we really cannot ‘wait it out’ to prove it to people.

    What these Teachings are asking, is that people start being with what they are seeing and hearing and knowing. And do the research needed to understand what is happening. The science is there, the experts are speaking to this.

    This may not be our preference, but it is the reality of what is happening now in our world. Wouldn’t you really want to know that the house is on fire before it burns down?

    That way we at least will have a chance…

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