Sleeping Brilliance At The Heart Of Humanity

sleeping brilliance at the heart of humanity

“This book [Steps to Knowledge] has the power to awaken the sleeping brilliance at the heart of humanity,” said Reed Summers during the final broadcast of the 2015 Steps Vigil.

The Worldwide Community of Steps Students has just finished commemorating the 20-day period in 1989 when Marshall Vian Summers, the Messenger of the New Message from God, received the sacred book Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing

I shared on the Opening Broadcast and two more broadcasts during this twenty-day vigil here and here.

On Day 20 of the 2015 Steps Vigil, Final Broadcast, hosted by Patricia and Reed Summers, Reed asked us to re-experience and return to the impact this Vigil had for us.

For me, it has been powerful and reaffirming. I needed to reconfirm the verity of this path for me, and I found this reconfirmation. I emerge from the Vigil renewed in my resolve and determination to continue following the Way of Knowledge and keeping on, for I must. And I have the opportunities this Vigil offered to take forward with me. And these were as follows:

1) The Vigil offered the opportunity to connect with other members of the Worldwide Community and feel the potency of this connection; 2) the Vigil offered the opportunity to enter into stillness with everyone during the joint meditation periods; 3) the Vigil offered the opportunity to re-experience the power of Steps as the titles were read on the days they were received; 4) the Vigil offered the opportunity to see and hear Marshall speak; 5) the Vigil offered the opportunity to see and hear other Steps students and listen to their testimonials.

I feel renewed and refreshed in the aftermath of the Vigil, and I do indeed have a greater sense of what really matters for me in this life.

Sleeping brilliance at the heart of humanity.

Around fifty-seven minutes into the broadcast, Reed spoke some words that deeply moved me. He was talking about how remarkable it is that those now responding have been called, found, struck by the New Message from God which speaks of Knowledge and brings with it the Steps to Knowledge. And when describing the book we have found that lights the way to revealing our purpose, he says, “This book has the power to awaken the sleeping brilliance at the heart of humanity.” How utterly superb! And can more be really said?

At the 1.03 mark, a never-before-heard revelation was shared, received by the Messenger on March 8, 2015, called “How to Regard the Messenger.”

And at the 1.55.50 mark, Marshall closed the 2015 Steps Vigil with the following words:

“This makes me very happy. There is enough power and devotion in this room and among those watching to affect great change in the world, even now.

“So my prayer tonight is a prayer about freedom. For the journey is about freedom and about contribution – outer freedom, inner freedom. Outer freedom is so rare in this world and in the universe, and inner freedom is even more rare, and lacking.

“I pray that Heaven’s gift to you will be deeply received and recognized. For it is here for your freedom, not just for your happiness, not just to give you resolution, but to free you to live the life you are destined and meant to live, you who are fortunate enough to have enough outer freedom to consider such things and to take a greater journey in life. It is unavailable to so many people in the world. It is our duty then, those of us who have been given a degree of outer freedom, to claim that freedom in service to those who do not have it, and may never have it. To preserve freedom in this world, Knowledge in this world, the freedom to know, the freedom to express and the freedom to give. This is where happiness resides, and a deep satisfaction. Without this, happiness is an empty promise and a phantom that can betray you.

“I pray this freedom will be honored here, for those of you who are so fortunate to be amongst the first to receive God’s teaching of freedom, and all that it can bestow upon your life and upon others through you. You have been given the map, the plan, the vision, the purpose, the clarification, the coordination and the means to restore yourselves.

“Let us then hold this sacred amidst all of the chaos in the world, amidst the fear and uncertainty within yourselves, the sacred flame. For God has given you a light, a lamp, and with this lamp you can begin to see where you are, in the darkness, you can begin to see your own condition, in the darkness, you can take stock around you that you could not see before, you see your circumstances, which could not be seen before, because the lamp is being brought forth. You cannot extinguish this lamp, it can only be neglected, or denied, or hidden. But once you begin to find it you will know it is there, and you will want it and need it ever so much as you go forward into the difficult times to come.

“This is your freedom, claim it. Do not let any person, place or thing compete with it, do not sacrifice it for love or money, do not deny it for any rationality.

“For it is Heaven’s gift to you. May the presence of those who have sent us and who watch over us be with us now. Nasi Novare Coram.

“With that we conclude the 2015 Steps to Knowledge Vigil. May the blessing be with you.”

* * *

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