“Secrets of Heaven” Published

During the 2012 Encampment, there was a time when we read sections of messages received by Marshall Vian Summers during the early days of his work, starting in 1983.  A microphone was passed from person to person, and each person read one of the sections, while the rest of the room both listened and read the section on a screen at the front of the room.  As we read these sections, there was a warm presence of happiness and encouragement in the room.  These sections are now available to the general public in the form of the book “Secrets of Heaven: Mystery Teachings of the Angels”

This book is currently available in paperback, and I believe it will be available as an e-book soon.  I ordered my copy last week.  I’m told I should receive it by tomorrow night.  I haven’t been able to browse through it yet, but there are already a number of reviews at Amazon.  Here is the review with the most helpful votes so far:

“I find this book to be so very inspiring.  It is not something you pick up and read in one sitting.  Each page contains a quote that make you stop and contemplate on.  It makes no difference which page you start, you can start in the middle & work your way back or forward.  Just open it up & any page you read, it is something that speaks to you.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone.  It speaks to all people of all nations, race, creed or color.  You will not be sorry you picked it up.  It is something you can read any time and many times again & again:*)”

I believe that when people read this book, it will help them to understand the enthusiasm of students of the New Message from God (like me).  I believe it will give people another avenue of engagement with the New Message from God, without having to make a large commitment of time, energy and trust.  I believe this book will provide evidence to corroborate the claim I have made about the internal consistency of the New Message from God.  I will write my own review in the near future.


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