Ripples on the Surface

ripples on the surface

Step 40. “Today I will feel the power of God” of Steps to Knowledge asks me to attempt to feel the power of God without conjuring up magical images. It is something I need to feel, for it is everywhere and it has great benevolence.

The power of God is still and all else is “temporary movements in the great stillness of God,” Step 40 tells me. What came to mind as I read this again today is ripples on the surface of a body of water. They spread out and disappear. While they are spreading, they may have some effect, stir some movement, cause some agitation, but they are temporary, they come and they go, they appear and they disappear.

This Step describes things that seem of great importance to most humans, such as death, illness, loss and destruction, and conflict, as temporary movements in the great stillness of God. Put this way, it does seem futile to invest all the blood, sweat and tears that are so often invested in these things. For the power of God is far greater, far more beneficent, “so complete and so inclusive that it infuses everything.” This does not mean, as I see it, that the power of God will fix these “temporary” things, prevent them from happening, it just means that they are inconsequential in the greater scheme of things where God’s power resides. They are ripples on the surface.

Ripples on the surface

I did not write much in my notes for this Step when I first did it back in December 2013. All I wrote was, “I am tentatively beginning to feel this power, and without conjuring up magical images. It is not anything that can be described in words, it can only be felt and experienced.”

That does not really say anything, I could even say now that I was taking the easy way out and glossing things over, creating a few ripples on the surface. Whether I actually felt and experienced the power of God is a moot point today. I may have, but on the other hand, I may not have.

What I understand today to be the power of God as I write this post is something that can be felt in a pure impulse, in a timeless moment of recognition. It goes deeper than just ripples on the surface, it echoes down the Ancient Corridors of my mind, evoking some long-forgotten and distant memory. I seek to remember this power today.

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