Responsibilities of the Messenger: Messenger’s Vigil 2018 Day Five

Responsibilities of the Messenger


The last day of the Messenger’s Vigil was devoted to exploring the Mission of the New Message from God and the responsibilities of its Messenger in the world. The New Message from God is a gift from the Creator of all life to help each person discover the deeper spiritual mind within them and with it their greater purpose in service to a world facing great evolutionary needs at this time.

During the Broadcast for Day 5 we spent a few moments considering just some of Marshall’s responsibilities and tasks, as listed here:

He is bringing a message of Revelation and redemption to the peoples of the whole world.

He is receiving the largest, most comprehensive and most inclusive Revelation in human history.

He is receiving a message for the entire human family, not for only one nation, religion, region or tribe.

He is bringing the New Revelation to the world and making it accessible.

He is presenting a new understanding, vision and experience of God.

He is revealing our timeless relationship and connection to God.

He is speaking to the reality of Knowledge in all people.

He is demonstrating a life of Knowledge and higher purpose in the world.

He is giving the sacred restoration to the individual.

He is demonstrating and revealing the true process of Revelation for the first time.

He is presenting the Voice of Revelation to the world for the first time.

He is establishing the community, the pathway, the organization and the leadership of the New Message for the future.

He is compiling the many thousands of pages of the Revelation into a series of sacred books.

He is bringing a Divine preparation for humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community.

He is bringing to humanity a new awareness of its place in the Universe.

He is bringing a Divine warning about the Great Waves of Change in the world.

He is reaching out to as many people as possible in his lifetime.

He is calling to the first respondents.

He is calling for greater Honesty.

It is not all up to him. Will others prepare to help him?

“If they do not respond and cannot respond and meet the requirements of their own calling, which is far less difficult and demanding than the Messenger’s, then the New Message may not build a hold or a footing in the world and be able to serve the world at this time as it is meant to do.” The Requirements of the Messenger.

These are consequential times.

“The goal is not happiness but preparation, readiness, contact, reunion and ultimately contribution to the world, wherever it may be appropriate for the individual. That is why the pursuit of happiness is so deceiving because the Revelation will make you uncomfortable. It will challenge you.” The Initiation.

Here I share on the last day of the Messenger’s Vigil in 2017 – Walking with the Messenger

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