The Refugees, How Will They Be Sustained?

uns-world-food-programme-out-money-feed-syrian-refugees The refugees, how will they be sustained?This is the third post in a series of posts on the New Message from God revelation “The Race to Save Human Civilization,” received by Marshall Vian Summers in 2009. The first post is here, and the second post is here. These two posts looked at the first eight paragraphs of The Race to Save Human Civilization. So far, we are told humanity faces great challenges due to a disrupted climate. There will be many refugees leaving parts of the world which can no longer support human settlement. These migrations will cause great social disruption. This is the ninth paragraph.

1/26/2015 UPDATE:The next post in the series is here.

The refugees, how will they be sustained?

“People today feel already that things are not normal, things are not right. There is great anxiety concerning people’s view of the future. Already the Great Waves are beginning to impact the peoples of the world, diminishing nations’ economies, forcing people into ever greater situations of strain and competition. Even today there is a great struggle over who will have access to the food, the water and the energy resources in many, many parts of the world.”

The refugees, how will they be sustained? The Great Waves of Change is the term used by the New Message from God to describe a series of large, ongoing disruptions to humanity’s customary way of life. The Great Waves of Change is one of the books of the New Message from God.

“Yet who is watching the signs, the signs that Great Waves of change are now coming? Who is paying attention? For those very few who are, who has the courage and the strength to recognize that this is a calling—a calling for service and contribution, a calling for them to reconsider their lives, their circumstances, their activities and their obligations?”

The refugees, how will they be sustained? I consider the word signs to mean events such as the 500-year flood of the city of Passau, Germany, the flooding of three-quarters of Queensland, and the Tohuku earthquake and tsunami. I can understand the words that this is a calling for service and contribution, but they haven’t worked their way down into my soul just yet.

“Human migration will be one of the great problems that the Great Waves of change will produce. In the teeming cities in the poorer nations, where will these people go, and how will they be sustained? Will they be left to die, to emerge into war and famine? This is something that a few people in the world today are beginning to consider because the signs are so very evident.”

The refugees, how will they be sustained? The United Nations recently reported that the World Food Programme has run out of money for feeding Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. To solve the present and future problems will take an out-of-the-ordinary creativity, an out-of-the-ordinary compassion, an out-of-the-ordinary cooperation.

“It is not the end for humanity, but it is a transition to a different kind of world—a new world, a world of declined resources, a world of diminished assets, a world that will require tremendous cooperation between nations if human civilization is to survive.”

The refugees, how will they be sustained? It would seem that this is more than a mere logistics problem, getting food and water from one place to another. I can imagine people saying “Why are we feeding refugees from nations that are our enemies?” Why is their suffering our problem? Aren’t they responsible for their own situation? If someone is asking questions like these, they haven’t fully considered a Great Waves of Change world yet. If we think some refugees should be fed, and others should not, we have much bigger problems on the inside.

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