It Has To Be The Perfect Thing

The Perfect Thing-A Burst of Knowledge

Step 5 of the Steps to Knowledge “I Believe What I Want To Believe” set my mind buzzing in all directions.

I could tell you about my confusion and doubts when I did this Step. I could tell you that I was dumbfounded when I realized that I am most likely basing my beliefs on things I hope for, not on what is real. And I could tell you that I did not know what to make of the sentence “What you are and what you have today must be your starting point.”

At the time I thought, logically what I am today is the beliefs I have built for myself that justify my reality. So what does this mean, where does this take me?

From what I understand, I have to sweep all this aside and start from a blank page. A bit daunting, wouldn’t you say?

So when I asked myself “What do I believe?” my response was “I don’t know any more.”

It Has To Be The Perfect Thing

And now I want to tell you what happened next for this is the message I want to bring to you today.

My attention was drawn to the New Message from God text called The Initiation.

I know it was because I wrote it in my notes for that day.

My notes say: I was reading The Initiation just now and the following passage jumped out at me:

“There are many people waiting for the New Revelation, for they have not found this Initiation in the religions of the past, in the traditions of the world. They have not been able to find the deeper connection through love, through work or through any other activity. So long have they been waiting for the Revelation.

“For them, it is not merely a teaching or a phenomenon. For them, it is not merely something to speculate about or to contend with or to deny and reject. To them, the Proclamation is not outrageous or unusual. It is the perfect thing (emphasis mine). It is their Initiation. It holds their calling, speaking down the Ancient Corridors of their mind, speaking to a part of them they barely know, but which is the center of their Being and their presence in the world.”

It is the perfect thing. It has to be to make sense.

This is how it was for me. This is not something I can preface with “I want to believe,” I do believe it, for it is what I am and what I have today.

* * *

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