The Messenger’s Vigil – Understanding the Great Coordination

Understanding the Great Coordination is vital to our participation and preparation. On Day Five of the 2017 Messenger’s Vigil, we explore the Great Coordination and entering the reality of the Great Coordination. We try to come to a deeper understanding … Continue reading

Compassion Is The Antidote To Suffering

Living in separation is by definition a state of suffering, but the antidote seems to be compassion. One of the revelations offered for study in the November-December session of the Free School of the New Message from God is called … Continue reading

“I Will Call Forth As Far As I Can”

Marshall Vian Summers offered some remarks during the webcast on Day 4 of the 2014 Encampment of the New Message from God. This is longer than most blog posts, but I believe it is worthy of your consideration. I am … Continue reading

Страх на пути к истине

For English version click here. Есть суфийская притча, которая называется «Страх на пути к истине». — Почтенный, я хотел бы, подобно тебе, стать искателем истины, — сказал юноша суфийскому шейху. — Как мне достичь этого? Каким путём? — Путь к … Continue reading