The Messenger’s Vigil – Entering the New World

Entering the New World

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The New Message says that the Messenger brings into the world a new world reality, a new reality of awareness and understanding and experience.

In the mid-1980s, Marshall Vian Summers received one of the very first messages about the new world from the Angelic Assembly. Reed and Patricia share some excerpts. They come from a discourse called World Evolution found in Wisdom I from the Greater Community.

“Your generation is preparing for a new world order. It is not an easy age to live in because the old structures are falling away or disintegrating rapidly, and there does not appear to be anything to take their place that seems consistent and reliable.

“As this past age has heralded the age to come, so the age to come will herald the age to follow, as if each is a stepping stone that opens up as humanity begins to take the next forward step. This is not a great ending or a great beginning but a continuation.

“The change that must be forged in the next century and indeed in the centuries to come is that the world must unite into one community.

“There are three factors that will generate the forging of a world community. The first factor is that this is the stage in history where your world emerges into the Greater Community of Worlds, which it is destined to do, both from its own explorations and from the timely visits of many cultures from beyond.

“The second factor is that your environment will deteriorate to a very great degree, bringing about international crisis. This will require cooperation and will require citizens everywhere to become actively engaged in the maintenance—indeed, even the rescue—of your planet.

“The third factor is the integration of world economy. These three factors more than anything will bring about a world community.”

Twenty-five years later, in 2011, a new revelation called “Entering the New World” was revealed through the Messenger. It says:

“Now you are in a new world—a world unlike the world you are accustomed to, a world with a changing and different climate, a world with diminishing resources, a world of polluted and contaminated rivers and soils, a world where ever growing numbers of people will be drinking from a slowly shrinking well.”

Entering the New World

Next we listen to the Voice speaking part of this revelation to us.

And the Voice tells us like it is. No embellishments, no painting a rosy picture, but the stark and naked truth. What will you do? How will you prepare for the Great Waves of change now descending on our planet? What will you do to survive in the new world and not become a victim of this new world? How will you make the transition?

These are questions we must all ask ourselves. As I see it, we cannot be messing around thinking this is all a game and seeking our own personal happiness. If we do not prepare now, we will literally find ourselves up the creek without a paddle. We are not here to seek happiness, but I am convinced that we will find happiness as we carry out the task we were sent here to do. It is no accident that we are here at this monumental time in our world’s history. This is a great opportunity. We should realize how very fortunate we are to be living at this time of revelation, living in a new world that calls for our action and service.

Marshall speaks and urges us to rise above shock and fear. He calls on us to align ourselves with Knowledge, because Knowledge is not afraid. We can no longer retreat into our safe place and pretend that nothing is happening.

He likens this to jumping into a cold icy lake at ten thousand feet to clear our heads. I can relate to this in my own life. Instead of staying in my cosy warm bed in the morning, I rise and go out into the snowy world. A sense of urgency overcomes my reluctance. This is something I must do, for there is work to be done. A snow bath clears my head and prepares me for the work to be done each day.

Entering the New World

The New Message tells us that we have a window of opportunity, around ten years, and it provides us with the tools to prepare. It brings us to Knowledge within ourselves, that potent intelligence God has placed within us to guide us. Many solutions are needed, but one of them can be called the Knowledge Solution. There are people are staffing all kinds of solutions around the world, but who is staffing the Knowledge Solution?

Patricia says: “In order to serve the world, you must love people, you must be with people, you must listen to people. Not just your friends, not just in one social strata of your culture, but listen to people, to see their suffering, to see their ignorance, to see their true needs, to see that people are really trying to do the best with what they have. To serve, you must love people.”

What role will men and women of Knowledge play as we make this transition? What contribution can we make, how much strength can we bring?

Next we listen to part of a revelation called The Vision, received on January 27, 2013.

“Humanity has the seeds of greatness, despite its errors, its ignorance and its corruption. Spirituality is still alive in this world, where it has died and been forgotten in so many others. The fire of love is still burning here, in the minds and hearts of many, many people, a fire that has grown cold in so many other worlds in the universe around you. Humanity knows not of its greater promise, and greater potential, for it struggles with the very forces that have destroyed the power of love and Knowledge in other worlds, the very forces of greed and expediency, corruption, war and depravation.”

* * *

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