Exploring My Relationship With The New Messenger

I am exploring my relationship with the New Messenger.

new messengerI wrote this post two years ago and wish to revisit it today as my exploration continues.

I am exploring my relationship with the Messenger. He, Marshall Vian Summers, is bringing us the New Message from God. We, the people inspired by this New Message, call him the Messenger.

Now he is called the New Messenger, since his coming represents the next chapter in the progressive Revelation of God’s Will and Plan for humanity.

I have a unique opportunity to explore my relationship with the New Messenger as people inspired by the New Message gather in Boulder, CO for the 2016 Encampment.

Presently, students of the New Message from God gathered together in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado are considering the following questions:

–What could the emergence of a New Messenger mean for you, for others and for the world?

–What do you see about his mission and why he has come into the world?

This is my response:

The world cannot continue the way it has been going and hope to survive. So the New Message given to the world through the New Messenger is here to show us the way to survival and divert us from the road to disaster we are currently taking. For those with the eyes to see and the heart to know, the New Messenger is providing the antidote. This means that humanity has a chance of riding safely through the Great Waves of Change and adapting to Life in the Universe with its spirituality and freedom intact. To paraphrase what Marshall said in his Proclamation to the world on September 10 (he begins speaking at the 41.50-minute mark), this is the first time in history that every word of the Revelation is being presented live through the Messenger in pure and uncorrupt form. This is his mission and he is carrying it out with the power of Heaven behind him.

This is my new understanding, while much of what I wrote two years ago still holds true for me today.

Exploring my relationship with the New Messenger

The Revelation titled “The Origin of the Messenger” opens with:

People have no idea what it means to be a Messenger or how Messengers are selected or prepared. They want to worship heroes or deny them altogether.

They want to believe the Messenger is the Message, but the Message is always greater than the Messenger. People will base their whole view and approach on their attitude towards the Messenger, but the Message is always more important.

People cannot live with the Message, so they obsess over the Messenger.

I am happy to say that I do not obsess over the Messenger, nor is he a hero I worship. I do not expect him to do anything for me, I do not think he is responsible for my happiness, nor do I think he is responsible for my reclamation of Knowledge.

What he does for me is show me the way; he provides me with the tools to build a meaningful and purposeful life. I am referring specifically here to Steps to Knowledge, but the entire Revelation provides a wealth of information to explore.

How can he do this?

He says he came into the world carrying a body of information within him. In the Steps to Knowledge Vigil held this year from May 26-June 13, Marshall spoke during the Opening Broadcast beginning at the 1.05 minute mark and likened this to a pregnancy. He said he was indeed pregnant, not only with Steps to Knowledge, but with the whole Revelation. And he was literally waiting to birth it. I find this credible. He underwent the preparation, he was uncertain and unsure at first about his abilities to manage this enormous task, but once it started, once it was underway, he had no choice but to go with it, succumbing to the flow, letting it happen, and assuming the immense responsibility it entailed. He could not fail at this.

I find greater clarification in “The Story of the Messenger:” 

Before he was sent into the world, the Angelic Host prepared him and placed deep within his mind the awareness and the understanding that he would later bring into the world—Knowledge and Wisdom from the universe, from the most advanced races in the universe; an understanding of the future of the world and where humanity is heading in its evolution and all of the great hazards and risks associated with this; a greater understanding of human relationships that would give him a greater maturity as he would grow up in the world.

These were all placed deep within him, beneath the surface of the mind—later to be discovered, later to emerge and later to resonate with the Revelation itself. For the Revelation would not be foreign to him because of what has been given to him before he came into the world.

Marshall received and continues to receive the revelations of the New Message from Unseen Ones beyond this world. They are also referred to as the Angelic Assembly, the Power and Presence, the Angelic Host. For me these are names that help to put the unfathomable into a frame of human reference. Just as the name God. I find this credible. I believe people living in a physical reality are able to receive information from beyond this world.

I have watched many videos with Marshall’s participation. I find him to be a man with a simple, unassuming, natural, and uncontrived way of talking and behaving. I find the things he says touch a deep chord of recognition within me.

The Messenger also sings.

My relationship with the New Messenger is growing and expanding as more of the mystery is revealed.

* * *

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