The New Message: Some Things Worth Mentioning

new message

There are a number of things about the New Message from God that I feel are worth mentioning. And this is an understatment, since these things form the core and express the quintessence of this Revelation.

These are some of the things Marshall wished to share with us through Patricia on Day 15 of the 2017 Steps Vigil.

“The New Message speaks to our entire lives.”

“The New Message speaks to and addresses our mental, physical and emotional health, it speaks to building a solid foundation for being in the world by emphasizing our Four Pillars. It is real. It is palpable, you can work with it. You can be changed by it.”

“The New Message speaks to the quality of our relationships and finding the people with whom we share a greater destiny. Even if those same people do not match our ideals. This may be a person on the far side of the world who you see infrequently.”

“The New Message teaches us how to use and manage our mind so that it can be the true servant it was meant to be. It emphasizes the experience of insight and brings the real experience of God back into our lives in such a way that we can experience God for ourselves.”

“The New Message is preparing us, all of humanity, for our future and our destiny. This future, this destiny for humanity, will affect every person in the world and every person to come. It is here to support this process of confronting and going to meet our destiny as a human family.”

“The New Message provides wisdom from the Greater Community. It provides us with Knowledge. At the same time, this Revelation is here to give us a new life, each and every one. A new experience of being in the world, even for those who cannot change their circumstances.”

And here are some things worth mentioning about Steps to Knowledge, things that I gleaned during the 2016 Steps Vigil last year, but failed to bring to light at that time.

These things bring into clearer relief the enormity of what happened 28 years ago when Steps to Knowledge was birthed into the world through Marshall Vian Summers.

And indeed, in Marshall’s own words, he felt “pregnant” with this book for a long time before it actually made its appearance on Earth. He did not even know himself its immense import, he only knew that he was responsible for carrying it, bringing it into the world, and then caring for it.

Here are two excerpts from the 2016 Steps Vigil when Marshall speaks. Click on the icon in the upper lefthand corner to see the second excerpt.

I would also like to share some more wisdoms spoken by Marshall, Patricia and Reed that made a strong impact on me.

“Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing is a book that spans the eons of time.”

“The purpose of the Vigil is to recognize the gift of Steps to Knowledge that has entered the world.”

“What is Knowledge? Knowledge is your connection to God. Knowledge is God’s gift to all intelligent life.”

“Knowledge is this quiet Presence that has walked beside us that we barely knew was there.”

“Steps to Knowledge is a worldwide laboratory for the advancement of human intelligence. It marries the mind that thinks to the mind that knows.”

“Here we are being given a New Message which brings into the world for the first time in human history a book so old so as to be practiced by races across time since the inception of the Separation.”

“The Creator of all life has provided the Steps to Knowledge, a roadmap into the part of you that is permanent and true, powerful and fearless, gracious, but strong and determined—a part of you, you barely know or have never known, but which resides at the foundation of your Being.” ~ The Journey of the Messenger.

“The journey contained in Steps to Knowledge is actually a revolutionary journey.”

And as the 2017 Steps Vigil ends right now, I share these words from Marshall, “There is no going back. There is only going forward.” -MVS.

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