Preparing For A New Future

If I am to prepare for a new future, what will I do? And what new future am I talking about? Is there a new future to prepare for? Indeed there is. Just look around, be alert and aware, and you will see that things need to change if we are to survive.

Marshall Vian Summer’s book The Great Waves of Change provides a lot of sound advice on how to navigate the difficult times ahead.

In Chapter 9. The Great Waves Prophecy, I read:

People will live locally, work locally and will have to survive locally. Local food production and local manufacturing will become ever more important. Everything will have to function on a smaller scale.

Preparing for a new future

This brought to mind a movement that has been going on in Russia for quite some time now. This movement is prompting people to sell their apartments in the cities and move out into the countryside to lead a more economically sustainable way of life on a smaller scale.

The movement was inspired by a series of books called The Ringing Cedars of Russia by Vladimir Megre. A few years ago, the first book in this series in its English translation came my way and I began reading it. I don’t remember finishing it, but its underlying idea struck a chord with me and stayed. It calls for getting back to basics, back to the garden, living a simpler way of life in the bosom of nature, living a life that does not depend on the system, living a life with strong spiritual roots.

Another video provides a very eloquent picture of what a new future for our planet might look like.

As I see it, preparing for a new future requires serious thought and making the right choices. In Chapter 1 of The Great Waves of Change, I read:

Each person must choose whether they will fight and compete, whether they will resist the Great Waves of change, whether they will struggle with themselves and with others to maintain whatever lifestyle they are holding onto. Or will they recognize the great danger, and will they unite to begin to prepare for its impact and to build a new and different kind of future for humanity?

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