A Natural Alignment: We Keep Returning

A natural alignment: we keep returning.

The 2017 Steps Vigil continues. On this day in 1989, Marshall Vian Summers received 48 Steps, that is, Steps 93-141.

Tyyne Andrews hosted this broadcast on Day 7 of the 20-day Vigil and gave a beautiful heart-felt testimonial of the journey that brought her to the doorstep of Steps to Knowledge and the magnificence beyond.

At the 50-minute mark in the video, Marshall shares some deep insight with us regarding the natural alignment that we begin to experience when practicing Steps to Knowledge..

I am happy to say that I feel this natural alignment and rightness in my life on most days. I experience the unprompted, inexplicable bouts of happiness that Marshall mentions. His words confirmed the natural alignment that being with Knowledge brings to my life. It’s a wonderful thing.

Here I offer a transcript of his words.

“Looking through the table of contents to Steps to Knowledge, the many, many Steps, the many teachings, it just reminds me of the effort that is being exerted on our behalf to bring us back into a natural alignment within ourselves. An alignment between our worldly mind that has been so conditioned by the world, and impacted by the world, even damaged by the world, and the deeper mind of Knowledge that represents the eternal aspect of our existence.

“One of the goals of Steps to Knowledge is to teach us to think in alignment with Knowledge. Think in alignment with our true nature. Our true nature, which is who we were before we came and who we will be after we leave this place. When that alignment can take place, in my experience, not only does it produce clarity and a sense of real purpose in life, but it also generates unprompted, inexplicable bouts of happiness. Happiness…, you don’t know why you are happy, you’re just happy because, and there is no because… But when I think about it, there is a certain rightness about where you are in life even though you are still developing, still learning, still dealing with some difficult things.

“But when you think of your life now in this journey in Steps to Knowledge compared to where you were before, that will generate a gratitude, and a sense of movement in your life. People keep saying, well, I just don’t experience Knowledge. And I look at where they are in their life, and something has moved their life into a very different place than it was before. Not only physically or practically, but also in terms of how they relate to themselves and the world and other people. Something has created great movement there. It is the evidence of Knowledge. To bring you into alignment with your deeper nature. That’s healing at a fundamental level.

“So when I read the Steps and the table of contents, I think of my experience with them over the years and the correction that they brought, the opportunity to think about something very differently than I would normally think about something, how to regard my past as a reservoir of wisdom instead of a painful collection of memories and regrets, how I look at my current life to see the blessings that exist there, knowing that there are few people in the world today who even have the simple conveniences and freedoms that I enjoy. So this feeling right about your life is not something you can just make up, it is not a pretention, it is something that is either there, or it is not there.

“And whenever you feel that things are not right in your life, it is really a good time then to return to your practice of stillness and inner listening, even though that seems very difficult when you are turbulent, confused and frustrated, to return. Keep returning. Just the act of returning has won you some freedom, just the act of returning to practice is a strengthening of your resolve. Because the rightness that we feel that is most profound is the rightness of being within the realm of being reconnected to Knowledge and those who sent you, and those who are with you, who know you and can support you in this great endeavor.

“Sometimes I’ve wondered, well these things that come to me, are they Knowledge or are they coming from the Angelic Assembly? Often it’s hard to tell, because when we really know things, the Presence of the Teachers is there. It almost doesn’t matter how it originates, because perhaps we can’t know that. What matters is that it is happening, and the more we practice stillness and inner listening, and evoke the Presence, calm ourselves down enough to be able to feel it, sense it in time, the sense of rightness begins to grow.

“The world doesn’t have to be right for you to feel this rightness, the people around you don’t have to be okay for you to feel this rightness, your circumstances do not have to be in balance or harmony for you to feel this rightness. In fact, you can be facing tremendous challenges and difficulties. But somehow you came back into alignment. Your worldly mind forgot about its existence in the world long enough for you to feel a deep inner connection. Then whether it’s Knowledge or not, doesn’t matter, whether it’s a Higher Power speaking to you, doesn’t matter, what matters is that you return to this natural alignment.

“You come there without questions, you come there not seeking answers or miracles or information. And you come there, as Steps to Knowledge often invites us or encourages us, to just be with Knowledge. They keep saying, be with Knowledge. That means, just to be with Knowledge. Like you’ve come to a very beautiful place and you just want to be there. You don’t want to sit there thinking of other things, you want to be there, you want to feel it, you want to sense it, you want to be present.

“So what I am talking about here is relationship, a return to relationship out of Separation. You come not wanting or needing anything, you just come to be there. And Steps gives you ideas and invocations to help you be here. And here you feel that natural alignment. But it doesn’t just happen, by accident.

“No one ever got wise by accident.

“You made a conscious effort and decision to keep showing up, to keep staying with your journey and your practice, to build this opening within yourself, where you could have this sacred engagement between your thinking worldly mind and the deeper mind of Knowledge within you, and through that your natural remembrance of those who sent you. You build this freedom, we earn this right, we create this environment internally, no matter what’s happening, feeling good, feeling bad, we keep returning.

“We keep returning.

“Nasi Novare Coram.”

* * *

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