The Mystery of the Power of God

mystery of the power of God

Step 39 of Steps to Knowledge is titled “The Power of God is With Me.” What is this power? I call it a mystery.

This Step says that the power of God is within my Knowledge. I am to utilize my own power to direct my mind and not let doubts or fears dissuade me. The power of God represents the mystery of my life, it represents the power I have brought with me from God to be utilized properly in the world according to the Greater Plan. Interestingly enough, “Greater Plan” is only used twice in Steps to Knowledge, this being the first time, so I am choosing not to focus too much attention on it. I have no trouble accepting that there is a Greater Plan in the universe, but it is beyond the humble state of my present mind. It remains a mystery at this stage in the game.

The power of God, however, is something that requires my attention. To feel the power of God, I am to enter into practice with dedication, with simplicity, and with humility. It is not power to be bandied around and used for my personal ambitions. With this power comes responsibility. It is to be experienced and is part of my relationship with God. If I can understand and experience God, have a relationship with God, I will be able to feel the power of God with me.

The mystery of the power of God

I find I want to know this power in greater detail, break it down into more manageable pieces for scrutiny and analysis. But this is not to be, for this power is a mystery and I must accept it as such.

If I do try and put the mystery of this power into words, however, this is what I come up with. The power of God for me is movement in the right direction, being moved by Knowledge to go and do what is required of me in this life. It is a synchronization of events that brings about the result I am striving for.

I experienced a synchronization of events this past week when I travelled out into the Russian countryside on yet another fishing/camping trip. I chose the photo above to illustrate this post because these ruins, still proud and majestic, stand on higher ground overlooking a village where I might have found my country home. I can only describe the synchronization of events that led me there as the power of God working within my Knowledge as I learn to reclaim it.

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