Mysterious But Eminently Practical

Mysterious but eminently practical

This is another in a series of posts containing my Amazon reviews of the books of the New Message from God. The books I have reviewed so far are:

The Great Waves of Change (Volume 5, Book 3)
Steps to Knowledge (Volume 3, Book 1)
Life in the Universe (Volume 5, Book 2)
God Has Spoken Again (Volume 1, Book 1)
The One God (Volume 1, Book 2)
The New Messenger (Volume 1, Book 3)

This is a review of the the book Wisdom from the Greater Community, Book One. It is now Volume 6, Book 1 of the New Message from God. I am adding commentary in brackets.

Mysterious but eminently practical

Wisdom from the Greater Community, Book One is the first book to be published of the teachings of Marshall Vian Summers. It is the first book of what would only much later come to be known as the New Message from God. In the late 1980’s, Marshall Summers traveled around the United States, channeling teachings with small groups of curious individuals. The enthusiasm of the response led to the publication of this book in the early 1990’s. It is as if the source of these teachings “wished” to establish a certain credibility, by addressing important aspects of the human experience.

[In the time period that these teachings emerged, one thing they were called is “The Greater Community Way of Knowledge.” The name “New Message from God” did not emerge until the mid 00’s. It is documented where each teaching emerged.]

There are 35 chapters in this book. None of them are particularly long. They don’t have to be read in chapter order to gain the benefit. This book takes something of an oblique approach, in that it speaks of the necessary aspects of some seemingly mysterious things, such as humanity’s emergence into a “Greater Community” of intelligent life. It addresses important subjects, but there is a connection with relatively unknown subjects, most notably the development of “Knowledge” in the individual. All of the chapters in this book were received before the book “Steps to Knowledge” in May-June 1989. These chapters could therefore be thought of as how Knowledge, the deeper spiritual intelligence that God has placed in every individual in every world, could be applied to the human experience. The reader has a good chance of reading things they have never read before. Therefore, it is important to approach this book with an open mind and heart, so that it can reveal its wisdom.

[Here are the chapters in this book

Chapter 1: The Greater Religion
Chapter 2: Relationships and Sexuality
Chapter 3: Greater Community
Chapter 4: Trust
Chapter 5: Marriage
Chapter 6: Health
Chapter 7: Freedom
Chapter 8: Preparing for the Future
Chapter 9: Spiritual Truths
Chapter 10: Service in the World
Chapter 11: Power and Responsibility
Chapter 12: Love
Chapter 13: Spiritual Community
Chapter 14: World Evolution
Chapter 15: Giving I
Chapter 16: Giving II
Chapter 17: Mastery
Chapter 18: Higher Education
Chapter 19: Fulfillment
Chapter 20: Inner Listening
Chapter 21: Enduring Happiness
Chapter 22: Escaping Suffering
Chapter 23: Forgiveness
Chapter 24: Happiness in the World
Chapter 25: Escaping Fear
Chapter 26: Stillness
Chapter 27: Disappointment
Chapter 28: Using Power for Good
Chapter 29: Faith and Fear
Chapter 30: Perception
Chapter 31: Healing
Chapter 32: Achievement
Chapter 33: Provoking Change
Chapter 34: Religion as Education
Chapter 35: Achieving Peace]

One minor technical note is that when the book was first published, it was called “Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume 1.” In later publications, it will be known as “Wisdom from the Greater Community, Book 1” This is because this book is Book 1 of Volume 6 of the New Message from God, and it was awkward to use the word volume to refer to a book in a volume with multiple books.

[Mysterious but eminently practical. If you wished to investigate the New Message from God to see if it is something for you to follow, this would be an excellent book to read.]

* * *

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