Mulla Nasrudin Conducts A Focus Group

It is a common practice for businesses to conduct focus groups, asking groups of people about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes regarding a particular product or service.  Sometimes the focus group is about a product or service which is not yet available to the public.

Mulla Nasrudin conducted an imaginative variation on this practice, conducting a focus group for a series of products which have never been available since the dawn of time, and may never be available until the end of time itself.  I believe he found his research to be illuminating.

Nasrudin stood up in the marketplace and began to address the throng.

“O people!  Do you want knowledge without difficulties, truth without falsehood, attainment without effort, progress without sacrifice?”

Very soon a large crowd gathered, everyone shouting “Yes, yes!”

“Excellent!” said the Mulla. “I only wanted to know. You may rely upon me to tell you all about it if I ever discover any such thing.”

* * *

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