Messenger’s Vigil 2014

I have mentioned in this space that one of the annual events of the New Message from God community is a thing called the Messenger’s Vigil. This event took place this year from Wednesday, January 21 to Tuesday, January 28. The event was a series of hour-or-so-long webcasts. These webcasts had some reading from the teachings of Marshall Vian Summers, some testimonies from students of the New Message from God, and occasional brief messages from Marshall himself.

Messenger’s Vigil 2014

I watched five of these webcasts, missing the ones on Saturday, January 24, and Sunday, January 25. The videos are available at YouTube. Here is my experience.

There is a lot of recent New Message material regarding the nature and life of its Messenger. Part of the Messenger’s Vigil for me is hearing and reflecting on this material. This is the portion of the New Message from God that I am having a little difficulty assimilating. I am working on understanding why certain aspects of it are necessary for me to know. But the New Message from God has earned a great deal of trust with me over the time of my engagement with it. Therefore, I go forward.

Monday’s webcast had a personal note as someone read Alisa’s testimony of her engagement with the New Message, (starting at 52:30). In July of 2013, inviting Alisa to blog at Ascending Knowledge seemed like just another thing I was supposed to do, On further review, it seems to be a much bigger deal than I originally contemplated, with the force of friendship extending its mysterious power in unexpected directions.

On Tuesday’s concluding webcast, a never-before-released teaching of Marshall Vian Summers, called “The Assembly” was played.  I thought I heard it say, among other things that the New Message is complete. Could that be? And what could that mean? I don’t know right now.

Marshall Vian Summers concluded his brief remarks to the audience in the first webcast with “I need you. Now.”  He was speaking of the task of bringing the New Message from God into a world of contention. It might take a while. It could be tricky.

I have a happy feeling of encouragement and strengthening from having attended the Messenger’s Vigil. It takes a little tolerance for being out of the ordinary to be a student of Steps to Knowledge, but being with other students draws something good out of me that might not have been drawn out of me otherwise.

* * *

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