May We Be Beloveds

Deborah Koff-Chapin shared this image, titled “May We Be Beloveds” as a gift for the holiday of Thanksgiving in the United States.

800px-wampanoag2 may we be belovedsMay we be beloveds! The English pilgrims, led by John Carver, and the Wampanoag, led by Massasoit, enacted a peace treaty in April of 1621. It is something of a miracle that there were already fluent English-speakers among the Wampanoag, Samoset and Squanto. There were a number of provisions as to how peace might be maintained. The treaty was more than a peace treaty, it was a mutual defense agreement. Governor William Bradford wrote ““This treaty was scrupulously observed on both sides as long as Massasoit lived [until 1661]…”

May we be beloveds! Am I even allowed to say the word “Thanksgiving” without contemplating the war that erupted after the death of noble Massasoit? Is it a miracle that any treaty lasts between two nations after the individuals enacting the treaty have died?

Signing_of_Treaty_of_Ghent_(1812) May we be belovedsMay we be beloveds! The US and Great Britain have been at peace for almost 202 years.

EntenteCordiale May we be belovedsMay we be beloveds! England and France have been at peace for 112 years.

Camp_David,_Menachem_Begin,_Anwar_Sadat,_1978 May we be belovedsMay we be beloveds! Israel and Egypt have been at peace for 38 years.

May we be beloveds! Just getting along isn’t good enough for me today. Deborah Koff-Chapin’s image inspires me to pray.

May we be beloveds!
May the very word “alone”
Weaken with each heartbeat,
Grow tiny, dim, unknown.

May we be beloveds!
Forgiveness, fully flow!
May the fearful frown be
Forgotten, let it go.

May we be beloveds!
May ancient enmities
Melt into the dancing
Of newfound harmonies!

May we be beloveds!
Oh, may it be ever so!
Blessing of beloveds,
Oh, let it grow and grow!

* * *

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