Marshall Vian Summers Webcast – 15 December 2013, 1600 GMT

I am pleased to offer people an opportunity to hear a Marshall Vian Summers webcast.  I’ve already given the date and the time. While it is at 4:00 pm GMT, it is at 10:00 am CST in my city of St. Paul, Minnesota. This website gives time zone conversions. There will be a video window, and a chat log.  The webcast is scheduled to be 45 minutes long.

Does Marshall Vian Summers webcast often?

I’m not clearly recalling the last time I watched a Marshall Vian Summers webcast addressed to the general public.  I recall watching a webcast on Earth Day of 2012.  I have seen other webcasts since then, but I believe they were addressed to the New Message from God community, a planetary diaspora of participants from many countries.

When I mentioned the Project Camelot interview of Marshall Vian Summers in October of 2012, it had 112,000 views.  It’s up to 143,000 views now.  This video of Marshall Vian Summers, produced by the Society for the New Message from God, has received 112,000 views in the last 11 months.

I don’t know what Marshall will discuss.  I only know it will be a worthwhile investment of your time.  If you listen to this webcast, you might use the Minnesota expression “That’s different.”  But I don’t know anyone who says, after hearing Marshall speak, “Oh, come on, he doesn’t mean that.” There are people like me who think very highly of him, and others who do not. But I don’t anyone who says, after hearing Marshall speak, “I’m bored. I’ve heard all this before.”

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