Marshall Vian Summers Webcast Schedule

There is a new Marshall Vian Summers webcast schedule.  Try to get out more.

Some students of the New Message from God, including myself, have wondered when Marshall Vian Summers was going to assume a more public profile.  That time is now.  There was a brief webcast on December 28, 2013.

Even though there was little advance notice, and the webcast took place in a week where few public events happen, there was a good audience and a brisk chat.

What’s the new Marshall Vian Summers webcast schedule?

There will also be a webcast at 5:30 pm GMT, 11:30 am Central Standard Time, on Saturday, January 11.  The plan at this point is to give a webcast every two weeks.  There will be a live discussion on YouTube after the webcast.

The new Marshall Vian Summers webcast schedule has him speaking on January 11, 2014

How long will this “every-two-weeks” webcast schedule last?  I don’t know.  Marshall has mentioned on more than one occasion that his time in the world is short.  I don’t know what he means by that.  He might merely be speaking pragmatically as a sixty-something-year-old cancer survivor.  In the December 15 question and answer session, he mentioned a “core proclamation” to be released in book form soon.  How soon?  I don’t know.  I’m just trying to flow with events and make myself useful.

I have a track record of being credulous and gullible.  I have a track record of participating enthusiastically, jumping in with both feet.  How is my engagement with the New Message from God different from previous involvements?  Steps to Knowledge warns me of folly and self-deception, encourages me to cultivate discernment, helps me to honor my experience and not claim more than my experience.

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  1. So glad to know you are one of those people with a track record of being credulous and gullible, participating enthusiastically and jumping in with both feet. I have a similar track record. You didn’t say it in so many words, but I presume much of your previous enthusiasm soon fizzled out, which is why you asked the following question. I ask myself the very same question and am nodding my head to the answer you gave. It’s the same with me.

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