Marshall Vian Summers Questions and Answers

Marshall Vian Summers answered a number of questions in an online chat session

Marshall Vian Summers conducted a live webcast on Sunday, December 15.  I viewed this webcast.  There were 190 people on the chat room at during the webcast, which is more than I’ve ever seen for a webcast by a significant margin.  I was unclear about the fact that there would be a question and answer session on the YouTube page where the webcast was also aired.

That session lasted roughly an hour.  There were some questions which were answered by Marshall, and those are the ones I’m putting in this post, with commentary.  There were some questions answered by members of the Society for the New Message from God.  There were some questions answered by other students of Steps to Knowledge.  I didn’t answer any questions.  Some questions weren’t answered, but I don’t believe it was due to the nature of the questions.  It was a highly active chat.

The New Message from God One viewer asks “How do you do it?”
The New Message from God Marshall responds: “Thank you for your honest question. I wish I could give a simple answer, except to say that I was born for this and that beyond my being a man in the world…my greater community is beyond” [There are many videos at the New Message from God YouTube page which would be worthy of consideration]

Question: What is your relationship to art?
Answer: Marshall responds: “Art is another vehicle of communication. I love art, if it can communicate something real and important.” [The questioner said “I know you play guitar.”]

Question: When is the great deception coming?
Answer: Marshall responds “The great deception is here, that is why God has spoken again and the New Message is here.” [The person who asked this question also trolled the chat, and eventually left after a number of rebukes. I consider it magnanimous of Marshall to answer his question.]

Question: Will you address where new people should begin taking in your message? Answer: Marshall responds: “begin listening to the voice of revelation which is available to you in abundance…find those revelations that strike you and that meet a deeper need. At some point it will be necessary for you to begin taking the Steps to Knowledge….Become a part of the School of the New Message. There are so many important relationships there.” [I believe Marshall is referring to this page, which contains many different New Message revelations. It’s the page I called “the appetizer sampler.”]

Question: I have completed the steps some time ago, when is the best time to start again? How many times through would be necessary for me?
Answer: Marshall responds: “Start when you are ready and do Steps twice and then you will be ready for the next level, which is Steps Continuation Training.” [I’ve been wondering when I was going to mention that the current protocol is to do Steps to Knowledge twice.  It looks like it’s now.  Steps Continuation Training has 84 steps, and the current protocol is to go through it four times.  Therefore, If a student intends to study Steps to Knowledge to the fullest extent, it could be done in less than three years (two years for two times through Steps to Knowledge, and 11 months for four times through the Steps Continuation Training.  It’s going to take me longer than that.]

Question: My daughter asks if we will be together when we left this world.
Answer: Marshall responds: “For a time.” [The daughter asking this question is 9 years old.  It showed a great awareness and curiosity on her part.]

Question: How often should people do the Steps Continuation Training? Twice over then go back to Steps to Knowledge, or indefinitely until we fully reclaim our relationship with Knowledge?…
Answer: “I [Marshall] have done Continuation Training repeatedly but with large gaps in between. Beyond Steps to Knowledge are the Great Practices of the New Message which are to be practiced in all situations…to the extent that you can. This will build your unique studenthood which has other dimensions to it. However I want you to know, I just completed Steps recently. I always return to Steps…it is ever richer the farther you go.” [I took great comfort in this answer.  If Marshall is doing Steps to Knowledge, that says a great deal to me about its importance. I take great comfort that Marshall is taking the medicine he prescribes to the world.]

Question: “i would like to know if there is another person you are waiting for?”
Answer: Marshall responds…”Many.  Those who are to assist me in my time on Earth have not all arrived yet. They have not all made their rendezvous with me.”

Question: Are most of the students responding to the New Message in these early times ultimately from the same Spiritual Family? [The phrase “in these early times” suggests that the New Message from God is in a very early stage of its progress and impact in the world, just as, for example, Islam was in a very early stage during the lifetime of Mohammed.  Someone reading this is thinking “I say, you have high expectations, don’t you?”  We get that a lot.  Spiritual Families are mentioned in Steps to Knowledge, defined as “your small learning group that have been working together through many ages and circumstances in order to cultivate and advance their members so that your group may join with other groups, and so forth.” (Step 186, “I am born of an ancient heritage”) I hadn’t planned on a question requiring so much unpacking.]
Answer: Marshall responds: “No. This is for all the spiritual families represented here on Earth.” [No claim has been made that I know of as to how many spiritual families are represented here on Earth.]

Question: What is a rendezvous more exactly? Is it a physical meeting with the messenger?”
Marshall responds: “These are people who have a destiny with me.”

Question: “What are we to do about those who crush us with their evil ways and suppress us from being the spiritual beings that we desire to be to follow the ways God wants us to?”
Answer: “If you allow Knowledge to reshape your life, you cannot be suppressed. In this your oppressors can make you strong and determined. But you must forgive them to have this understanding.”

“I’ve noticed from the timeline of the New Message video, that there are unreleased Steps books (level 3 to 5). Can you give some clarification on their content and nature?”
Answer: “They are specific trainings for more advanced students of the Revelation. They require an instructor.” [It’s taking us so long, because we’ve got so far to come.]

How to present the message in totalitarian states or in nations where there is political oppression?
Answer: “In the beginning, the New Message will most likely move in the freer states. However, for those living in oppressed societies, the New Message can still reach them, even through mysterious means.”

Question: Is there a specific order one should read all the NM books? I found the timeline video on youtube helpful.
Answer: “The core proclamation will be released in book form soon. That will be the key book to read first. Until then, read “The Proclamation” and the revelations that have been released to the world.”

Question: Will you say more about being held back? How do I maintain as I care for my elderly mother?
Answer: “Read, study and listen to the revelation while you take care of your elderly mother.”

Question: I am wondering about those of us who are new students – we need to take time to prepare and yet the hour already seems late. How to reconcile?
Answer: Marshall responds…”You have time, but not a lot of time. There is no time to waste in this regard. Necessity will make you strong. Welcome it.”

Question: please, i’d like to k-NOW more about the “3” GRAND ILL-us-i-ON’s (TIME + SPACE + SEPARATION) … can you tell me more about these ?? -)) [This questioner waited very patiently to be answered.  While this questioner was somewhat…unconventional, he or she was unfailingly cheerful and polite.]
Answer: “The grand illusion is that you are separated from God.”

Question: “Marshall, We are consciously here in a physical plane, are we not also existing in a spiritual realm? Are not all of God creations connected?”
Answer: “You are born with two minds. The deeper mind of Knowledge within you represents the part of you that never left God. This is your deeper nature…This is how God of the universe will speak to you if you are prepared. We are living in Creation, and we are also living in the world. This represents the separation that exists within people…which is the dilemma that everyone lives with every day.”


I realize these answers possibly generate more questions.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


* * *

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  1. Thank you for this, Douglas. For me, it brings into bolder relief what Marshall was communicating in the webcast, crystallizes it. I also take great comfort in the fact that Marshall is not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk.

  2. Thanks for this distillation of the Q&A that followed the broadcast which I found very difficult to follow. This is so helpful and clear. Thank you.

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