Listening Is Being Present

Voices In The Sky by Wendy Worley - Listening is being present

Voices In The Sky by Wendy Worley, Oil on canvas, 76cm by 76cm, 2005

Bluebird, flying high
Tell me what you sing
If you could talk to me
What news would you bring
Of voices in the sky

In Step 62 of Steps to Knowledge “Today I will learn to listen to life,” we are told that whatever we are present with is what we will be able to hear.

Nightingale, hovering high
Harmonize the wind
Darkness, your symphony
I can hear you sing
Of voices in the sky

Listening is being present

There have been a number of previous steps that address the subject of looking without judging.  This step expands upon that idea to include being present and listening without judging.

Just what is happening to me?
I lie awake with the sound of the sea
Calling to me

The practice of the step is an hourly practice, taking a moment to listen to one’s outer world and one’s inner world.  I don’t have to close my eyes and go into a lotus posture, just listen.

Old man, passing by
Tell me what you sing
Though your voice be faint
I am listening
Voices in the sky

Listening is being present. Being present is not judging. Listening is being present is not judging. If you are judging people, you have no time to listen to them.  If you are judging people, you have no time to be present to them.  Give the gift of your presence, so that you will receive the gift of the presence of others.

Children with a skipping rope
Tell me what you sing
Play time is nearly gone
The bell’s about to ring
Voices in the sky

I heard the melodious voice of Justin Heyward, and the song “Voices in the Sky” by The Moody Blues in my inner ear as I contemplated this post.  The performance was on the British television program Colour Me Pop in 1968.


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