Let’s Get To Business, Shall We?

Let's get to business, shall we?  These men will.  Well, after lunch, that is.

Let’s get to business, shall we?  Steps to Knowledge does.  Steps to Knowledge, as early as Step 6, “I have a true foundation in the world,” describes the world as a place to which we have come.  The world isn’t merely the scene of a biological accident.  The world isn’t just a karmic prison which we don’t escape until we have paid the last penny.  I wrote about this in more detail here.

But why have we come to the world?  In Step 18, “Today I feel the truth arising within myself,” we are told we have come into the world to find certain individuals.  In Step 34, “I am a beginning student of Knowledge,” we are told there are specific things we have come to do.  I consider it most pertinent that that statement comes in the step directly after Step 33, “I have a mission in my life to fulfill.” In Step 55, “I will accept the world as it is,” we are told we have come to the world to serve.  Step 65, “I have come to work in the world,” adds another clue to the mystery of why we have come to the world.  Step 65 is also the first step to use the phrase “I have come” in the step itself.

Let’s get to business, shall we?

Step 65 is the first step since Step 33 to directly address the idea that there is a mission to fulfill, that there is work to do in the world.  It is as if Steps to Knowledge sowed a seed in me in Step 33, and came back to water it in Step 65.  Are we told what the mission is, what the work is?  No.  We are only told what it is not.

“Your work is greater than your current employment. Your work is greater than what you are currently attempting to do with people and for people. Your work is greater than what you are attempting to do for yourself. Understand that you do not know what your work is. That will be revealed to you and it will evolve for you, but understand today that you have come to the world to work.”

I have a thought that if I had a direct experience of my work which I came to the world to do, at the time I did Step 65, then I would be terrified out of my senses.  I would run screaming from wherever I was, knowing full well that there was no place to run screaming to.


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1 thought on “Let’s Get To Business, Shall We?

  1. I love your insight into how some earlier Steps sow seeds and then come back later to water them, giving the student the time to get comfortable in the soil.

    I am not convinced, however, that this mission or work we have come to do in the world is so terribly overwhelming and terrifying. What if when we found out, we said “Oh, so that’s my mission! Oh, I can do that!”

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