Let Time Be Short Between Kind Thought And Deed

Encampmt 3 Let time be short between kind thought and deedOk, ok, they didn’t use those words “No selfies with the Messenger” at the 2014 Encampment. However, I believe that was implied in the guideline “Kindly honor Marshall‘s space at this Encampment.”

Let time be short between kind thought and deed

There wasn’t very much talk about the tables for volunteering time, talent and treasure at this Encampment, besides briefly mentioning that they were there. While this doesn’t follow the established protocol for the final day of conferences, this might have been a good thing. In the course of the five days of Encampment, it was established that the attendees were a highly committed group of people. It was established that the attendees were already giving time, talent and treasure, imbued with devotion.

It seemed to help me to engage in a practice I call “keeping accounts short.” What I mean by that is to minimize the time between when I have a thought about someone, and the time I say something to that person in the form of gratitude or encouragement or asking a question. After all, I might not see these people again in person for some time, therefore let time be short between kind thought and deed.

My ride back to Boulder left relatively late in the afternoon on the last day. I am pleased to report that because of this I discovered something. I know there are people out there who are wondering “This Marshall Vian Summers fellow that you go on and on about, what kind of car does he drive?” The car he drove away from Encampment was a blue, middle-aged (looked like a Volvo 240) Volvo station wagon.

It was my blessing to ride on the bus from Boulder to Denver International Airport with two attendees from France, and two attendees from Spain. Three of these people were people I had met at the 2012 Encampment. While we didn’t talk about the 2012 Encampment very much, it was in the space between us. My trip back to Minnesota was uneventful, which I consider to be a beautiful word with regards to travel. I have great gratitude for my experience of Encampment. I have great gratitude for meeting the people I met there. It might be some time before I meet them again in person. Therefore, let time be short between kind thought and deed.

* * *

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