Let This Teaching Find Its Place Among My People

Seedlings in various stages of growth. Let this teaching find its place among my people.

Steps to Knowledge, the book of spiritual practice of the New Message from God, entered the world during a 20-day period in 1989. The New Message community has been celebrating that event in a series of webcasts called the Steps Vigil. Steps to Knowledge is 29 years old, as it were. During the Steps Vigil, we listened to portions of Steps to Knowledge in other languages.

Let this teaching find its place among my people

Steps to Knowledge is part of a much larger body of material. Marshall Vian Summers received this material over a period from 1982 to the present. The New Message from God presents itself as the latest in a series of divine revelations to humanity. This series includes the teachings of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. When these revelations appeared, it was not immediately clear they should be translated into the languages of the world. But people of many faiths have observed that people learn the teachings of a religion best in their own heart language. Bible translator John Wycliffe (c. 1320-1384) wrote, “it helpeth Christian men to study the Gospel in that tongue in which they know best Christ’s sentence.” Translating Steps to Knowledge into other languages is comparable to translating a small portion of the Tripitaka, or a book of the Bible, or a Surah of the Qur’an.

Let this teaching find its place among my people. There are books that are written in a given year, in a given language. People translate relatively few of them into other languages. Therefore, I take great encouragement that people have fully translated Steps to Knowledge from English into 11 different languages, including…

Furthermore, translation is in progress in 10 other languages.

It should be noted that professional translators did not create these translations. Student practitioners created these translations. People who practiced Steps to Knowledge in English, who spoke another language as their primary language. “Native speakers” of Steps to Knowledge created these translations. I have heard the testimonies of a number of these translators. Some of the translators encountered the New Message and thought to themselves, “This must be shared.” Some of the translators shared “I trusted my deepest inclinations,” as they described their path into translation. Alisa shared some of her translation experience here.

Let this teaching find its place among my people. When Steps to Knowledge was received in 1989, it was only available in the heart language of roughly 300 million people.

It is now available in the heart language of roughly 2.4 billion people. That works out to about three doublings over 29 years, or about one doubling every ten years. If we continue on the current trajectory, Steps to Knowledge should be available to most of the people of the world in their heart language in about 30 years.

Translation of Steps to Knowledge, 1989-2018 Let this teaching find its place among my people.

I hope and believe that one day, there will be a translation of Steps to Knowledge in each of the 6,909 languages of the world. I realize that may seem ambitious, but look how far we’ve come in 29 years. Let this teaching find its place among my people.

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