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Step2-Triathlon-WordPress-FitThe people in this picture are actually trying to get somewhere. They’re trying to get to the end of the swimming portion of a triathlon. But this picture captured my answer to the question of Step 2 “Knowledge is with me. Where am I?” of Steps to Knowledge. I was thrashing and flailing on the turbulent surface of my mind.

Knowledge is with me. Where am I?

It seems to be a good thing to think about the steps in both words and pictures. It seems to be a good thing to put a post with this picture along with the other posts which mention Step 2.

I am currently on the Step 42 Review, the second time through Steps to Knowledge.

I am currently blogging about Step 95, “How can I possibly fulfill myself?” I seem to be on a bit of a dither. I am confronted with the inadequacy of my words to convey the experience. If I write something about Step 95, and someone reads it, without grasping the significant amount of preparation that has taken place in Steps 1 through 94, have I helped?

I have made photoquotes for Step 1 through Step 16, “Beyond my mind is Knowledge,” without doing the Review steps (Steps 7 and 14). I’m managing to keep the photoquotes page current, more or less. I am experiencing a certain flow of enthusiasm regarding photoquotes.

I have only made posts of photoquotes for the first two steps. This may take a while, but I’d like to believe I’ll get around to it.

Knowledge is with me. Where am I? I am a little of the way up the mountain. I am a student. I am a marginally competent student. I am a student who is increasing in competence. I am someone who is doing the work of reclaiming Knowledge. I am someone who is learning to learn without fear, without ambition. If Knowledge possesses a perfect utilization of my nature, then where do I sign up?

Alisa writes:

This picture shows up on many spiritual websites that address purpose, meaning and direction in life, but I do not know who made it. It resonated with me because when I did Step 2, I saw myself standing at the bottom of a stairway, a stairway leading upwards, with something gleaming and beckoning at the top. Knowledge shines like a beacon and I have the urge to reach it. Where am I? I am at the bottom ready to ascend.

* * *

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