We Know You’re Out There

Disenchanted We know you're out thereWe know you’re out there. Who is this “we” of which I speak? The worldwide community of the New Message from God, that’s who. I don’t claim to be a spokesman for this community, but I do claim to be a member in good standing. I claim to be a member with a certain feel for the vibration of this community.

We know you’re out there

And who are the “you” that we know are out there? A lot of people.

Some of you are people who are making sincere efforts on the path you’re on. It could be a religion. It could be an ideology. But whatever it is, you are diligently dotting the i’s, and conscientiously crossing the t’s of this path. And yet, and yet, it’s not filling the empty space, it’s not yielding what you’re looking for, it’s not making you want to shout.

Some of you are people who are in a complicated relationship with the path you’re on. You are unhappy with some of the things being done by your fellow travelers. You are unhappy with some of the things being done in the name of your path. And this unhappiness is a shadow on your journey.

We know you’re out there. But what do we have to offer you? A greater perspective. The revelation “God’s Plan Is To Save Everyone” was received in October of 2014, a week after the 2014 Encampment.

“For God’s Plan is to save everyone. It is a Plan so exquisite, so perfect, you can hardly imagine it—a Plan not only for the human family, for this one little world alone, but for the entire universe and the universes beyond it and all the dimensions of physical existence and manifestation.

That is why the ancient religions cannot really give you the complete picture, for they do not speak of life beyond this world. But what God is doing beyond this world is what God is doing here.”

Will this help? I’d like to think so. Will this give you an empowering context in which to put the difficulties of your journey? I hope so. But I’m here to tell you we know you’re out there.

* * *

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