Keeping It Simple Is A Valuable Concept


Keeping it simple is a valuable concept for me and I have armed myself with it in different ways at different stages in my life.

Lately, however, it has taken on new meaning and new value in light of what I have been reading in The Great Waves of Change by Marshall Vian Summers.

It turns out that keeping it simple is not just a preference, something personal, a way to live my life that suits me best, but is becoming a necessity, something essential, if I wish to successfully navigate the turbulent times ahead and help other people do the same. I hasten to add, however, that this is not doom-mongering on my part, but based on a sober evaluation of the world I see around me. It doesn’t take too much intelligence and insight to look around and wonder what the world is coming to. And it is pretty obvious, even to the casual observer, that the world is not coming to much, there needs to be some qualitative changes if humanity and the planet are to survive.

The Great Waves of Change point to a very valuable exercise called the Deep Evaluation.

I was encouraged when I discovered that my way of living of recent years, i.e. keeping it simple, abandoning pursuits I find counterproductive, energy-sapping, and unfulfilling, limiting social contacts to those I find most meaningful, prioritizing my time and efforts, and so on, was not so wacky after all but quite in line with the recommendations set forth in this book.

Here I read the following at the end of Chapter 4. The Freedom to Move with Knowledge:

“Now is the time to look, learn, listen and follow. Look at the world. Listen for its signs. Learn what it is teaching you and telling you about what is coming. Begin to prepare your life, to simplify (emphasis mine) your life, to unburden your life.

“So at the very outset, there must be simplification and clarification (emphasis mine).

“Your relationship with any thing, person or place that is not essential or that is counterproductive (emphasis mine) will rob you of vision, energy, purpose and meaning.

“So many people are living where they should not live and engaged in what they should not be engaged in.

“You must begin with the Deep Evaluation, and this evaluation will cover everything in your life.”

I smile in recognition, for this confirms what I feel I have always known: keeping it simple is a very valuable concept.


* * *

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