It’s A Group Effort

What’s a group effort?  Everything.  Everything that matters.  Everything that helps someone.  Step 45 of Steps to Knowledge declares:

“Alone you can do nothing. Nothing has ever been accomplished alone, even in your world. Nothing has ever been created alone, even in your mind.There is no credit to be received by doing something alone. Everything is a joint effort. Everything is the product of relationship.”

We were told back in Step 25 that great truth is the product of great relationship.  This step makes a stronger claim, that everything is the product of relationship.  A conversation between Albert Einstein and Michele Besso in 1905 led to the theory of relativity.

We were told back in Step 12 that our individualities are to express life itself.  In the light of Step 45, it would seem to me that our individualities are for forming the relationships which lead to certain truths and certain accomplishments.  Individuality has a purpose.  But we give it tasks beyond its capabilities.  And when we do that, it hurts.

* * *

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