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I started blogging in October of 2003, and I have enjoyed the opportunities for self-expression blogging provides.  But most of my blogging activities have been solitary.  There is a step in Steps to Knowledge which describes life as “an inclusive network of evolving relationships.”  Another step declares that the world is attempting to become one community.  It seemed like it would be a good way to embody that spirit by inviting my fellow New Message student (and unfailing encourager) Alisa to write here at Ascending Knowledge.  Alisa introduces herself here:

Who am I? My name is Alisa. I was born in England, moved to the United States after high school and then to Moscow, Russia in 1990, where I have been living ever since. I came across the New Message from God fairly recently, in October 2012, after throwing out a request into the Universe to be shown some spiritual teaching that would knock my socks off after experiencing what I can only call a disappointing setback in my spiritual progress. I was miraculously drawn to the New Message text called The Great Love as revealed to Marshall Vian Summers on November 23, 2007 and, after exploring further, found the New Message from God website and registered at the Free School of the New Message, where I have since been participating in the school sessions and taking Steps to Knowledge. I am currently a beginning student on Step 175 the first time around. I am here to share some of my current experience as I take this mysterious journey.

How did I get here? I feel I have been on a spiritual journey all my life, so the concepts of the Greater Community, the Angelic Presence, the Unseen Ones, and the wider spectrum of intelligent life in the Universe offered in the New Message from God strike a familiar note deep within me and resonate with what I already seem to know. It is this intuitive sense, the mystery of it all, and the wanting to know more that draw me take these Steps and reclaim Knowledge as it is presented in the Book of Inner Knowing.

It is a common phenomenon for students of Steps to Knowledge to find people who are a little bit further along in their studies, and people who are not so far along.  I believe readers will find Alisa’s posts to be interesting.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Alisa, New Blogger At Ascending Knowledge

  1. Hi, Alisa, we have been keeping pace, in the same range of Steps, for many months. I’m on Step 192 and have never spent more than a couple days or so on a Step but am staying with this one until I see some progress. Or sufficient progress; I’ve been making little progress for a week now.

  2. Hi Mary, it’s good to know we are at around the same place. How are you doing now? Three more months have passed – I am now on Step 208. How about you?

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