The Messenger’s Vigil – A Time of Intention

The Messenger’s Vigil – A Time of Intention

time of intention

This week the Worldwide Community of responders to the New Message from God are gathering once again for the Messenger’s Vigil to commemorate the appearance of the Messenger in the world and learn more of his journey, responsibility and mission.

I would like to share with you the highlights of each day of the Vigil as it occurs.

In the words of Reed Summers, this Vigil is a time to go into the inner sanctuary of the mind and step into the river of intention, communication and relationship on a cosmic and intimate level.

Those participating are given the opportunity to see what the Messenger must face in being here and share it with him. The Vigil stands to honor the great intention evident in the New Message.

A Time of Intention

Reed shares a couple of passages from the latest revelation Marshall received on January 3, 2017 called The New God Experience. These excerpts give a sense of this intention moving through Marshall, moving through the New Message and into the world.

“This ship [Earth] is taking on water. It is in danger. Human civilization is taking on water. It fragmenting already. Nations are breaking down. Whole populations of people will be moving in the future as their lands dry out or being uninhabitable, a reality never seen in this world before at this scale. Where will the power come from? Where will the inspiration come from?

“… Where will the inner strength and integrity come from to face such a world and to serve it in such a way that human unity can grow and human freedom can be preserved and expanded? It must come from this well that We speak of. It must come from Knowledge within the individual. It must come from God, who wills this for humanity. For this must happen now, for the alternative is far too grave to even speak of. It is driven by need. It is also driven by courage and honesty.” The New God Experience 

Reed and Patricia go on to share three messages from the Messenger.

“A New Revelation about God has been brought into the world to clarify the reality of God, the presence of God and the activity of God in the world and in the Greater Community of life in the universe around you. This clarification must be given now for you to find the source of strength within yourself that the Creator has given to you and to others. Your relationship with the Divine must be healed, cleansed and clarified, for it has become polluted and soiled and commingled with other things that do not bespeak a Divine purpose and presence.”

“The New Message is a gift of immense love from the Creator. This love is intended to save humanity from a great peril and to prepare humanity for a greater future and destiny in the Greater Community.”

“People ask, ‘What will the New Message from God do for me?” I say it will give you purpose, meaning and direction, bring clarity to all of your relationships and restore to you your true power and purpose and all of the qualities that you will need to discover and fulfill you mission here on Earth. It will give you the eyes to see and the ears to hear, and it will remind you that you have come here not only to survive and indulge yourself in self-gratification, but more importantly to yield a greater gift to a struggling humanity—a gift that you cannot define, but which waits to be discovered within you.”

A Time of Intention

During the Opening Broadcast, Marshall spoke of his mission and his great burden.

“I am here to declare God’s New Message to the world. I am the Messenger for this, there is none other, and there will not be another Messenger for a very long time.”

“I am here because of humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community and I bring wisdom and Knowledge from the Greater Community to help humanity prepare.”

“I am here because of the great change that is coming to the world, a great change that will change the face of the world and alter the destiny of everyone here. I carry God’s message of warning and gift of preparation for this, something that has never occurred in this world at this scale before.”

“I am here to bring Knowledge and Wisdom from the universe, but also to speak to the ancient intelligence and brilliance that lives within you under layers of culture and conditioning, fear and preference. It is in you, if you dare to find it.”

“I have been sent into the world for this purpose alone. I claim nothing else for myself, except that I am the Messenger, nothing more, nothing less. I am here to bring this Message to the world.”

Marshall concluded his address with a prayer.

“I pray that you will hear me and know me. I pray that you will understand what I have told you tonight. I pray that you will honor yourself enough to allow yourself to experience this Great Coordination.  I pray you that will see that it is given to free you from your own dilemmas. It is given to serve the world and to protect it now as it faces the greatest trials in its existence. I pray that you will honor this Revelation, that you will not alter it or demean it. I pray that you will follow and learn and give from it. For the Presence is with us now, may we be with this Presence always. Nasi Novare Coram.”

You can read accounts of previous Messenger’s Vigils in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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