I Wish To Explore The Mystery

I believe that one of the reasons I am attracted to Steps to Knowledge is that they often describe life as a mystery and I find this to be totally glorious.

This mystery is first mentioned in Step 10. What Is Knowledge? Here I am told that Knowledge is the great mystery of my life. I felt so enchanted by this that I was drawn to explore further. A mystery has a myriad enticing possibilities, to me it means that nothing is set in stone, if something is mysterious, it is malleable, multifaceted, with the potential to be miraculous.

Mystery is next mentioned in Step 36. Your Life Is A Mystery to Explore. When I did this Step, I wrote in my notes that it made me want to delve beneath the surface and discover something greater, more meaningful, more profound. And indeed this Step calls for penetrating the surface of my mind and feeling the presence of my Spiritual Teachers. Hmmm, now they are indeed a mystery to explore.

I cherish moments when I can truly experience the Mystery.

One such moment was during a short vacation recently when I traveled out into the magnificent Russian countryside.

One lovely warm August evening I sat and watched the sun set.

In my ears were the words and lilting melody of Stevie Wonder’s Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away.

As I watched the sky and listened to the song, the words struck a deep chord in my soul, and I thought, heaven is not 10 zillion light years away, it is right here before me, no further away than the horizon. And it can be even closer; when I open my heart to the mystery of Knowledge, I truly feel it inside me.


* * *

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