I Wish To Be A Fairer Witness To The World

Is it even possible to see things as anything other than what we are?  I’m not sure, but step 31 of Steps to Knowledge offers an affirmation of a desire to see something other than what is suggested by my own thoughts.  Yes, the word affirmation was used.  Yes, the actual affirmation “I wish to see a world I have never seen before,” is only found in Steps to Knowledge.

There are at least two threads going on in this step.  One thread is the idea of practicing observation without judgment, practicing not wanting to take delicious enjoyment in judging, practicing becoming less invested in judging.  Got that?

The other is strengthening the idea of hourly practice.  This is the third consecutive step involving hourly practice.  If I wish to engage with an idea, thinking about it on an hourly basis is a great way to do it.  On the other hand, if I’m having issues with the idea, or issues with the premises of Steps to Knowledge, I find any number of creative ways to forget my hourly practice, or not think about it as much as the step would suggest.

* * *

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