I Will Comprehend And Study

I will comprehend and study

There are currently 32 books in the available New Message from God. Roughly half of the New Message from God is not yet available to the public. The 32 books contain a total of 416 revelations. Marshall Vian Summers received these revelations in a period between June of 1986 and November of 2021. He organized these revelations as chapters of the books. The revelations in these books cover many different subjects, both for individuals and the world. I have never gotten around to listing all of the books of the New Message, so here it is.

I will comprehend and study

Marshall received Steps to Knowledge, Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training and Secrets of Heaven in a different manner than the rest of the books. Therefore, 416 revelations are in 29 books. Some of the books have fewer chapters, and some of the books have more chapters, such as Greater Community Spirituality, and the Wisdom from the Greater Community books. On the one hand, the New Message from God declares on many occasions that following the Way of Knowledge is not merely an intellectual exercise. On the other hand, it seems to be important that students comprehend and study the New Message from God. Therefore, it is important that students read the teachings of the New Message from God, and track their efforts.

I will comprehend and study. In October of 2019, I created a spreadsheet to track my interaction with the New Message from God. At the time, there were only 297 revelations available. I had read them all at some time or another, but I didn’t do it in a systematic fashion. Someone suggested to me that I read the revelations in the order in which they received, so I did that. Sometimes I read a revelation. Other times I listened to the spoken revelation while following the text. Sometimes I watched a video that had the spoken revelation and the words of the text.

I started this campaign on October 19, 2019. I engaged with only 6 revelations in 2019. In 2020, I engaged with 80 revelations. I engaged with 106 revelations in 2021. Revelations were being released in the form of books during this time. I engaged with 57 revelations in 2022. There were times where I was consistent, and times when I wasn’t. I brought forth more resolve in 2023, and I have engaged with 168 revelations. I have now engaged with all the revelations in the currently available New Message from God.

Well, what have you learned, Douglas?

I can imagine someone asking that. The New Message from God says it has a lot of repetition and a lot of self-commentary. I can attest to that. There is a message to the individual, and a message to the human family. Everyone has come to the world to fulfill a greater purpose, meet certain people and give certain gifts. In order to do this, it is necessary to reclaim Knowledge, the deeper spiritual intelligence within each person. To do this, one must practice the Steps to Knowledge. This involves a certain mental and emotional hygiene. It also involves a certain willingness to engage with mysterious things.

Humanity faces great danger from its current practices of resource consumption and environmental destruction. The destruction of our world has drawn extraterrestrial intervention to our shores. If we continue in the direction we’re headed, we face either extinction, or enslavement and exploitation by foreign powers that do not share our values. However, if enough people become strong enough with Knowledge, they can make an impact. If we unite as a race and cooperate, we can survive the difficult times ahead. We can expose and resist the extraterrestrial intervention and force it to withdraw, as it relies on secrecy and human acquiescence.

What are you going to do next?

I’m going to start reading through the available New Message from God again. This time I’m going start with God Has Spoken Again, Volume 1, Book 1, and proceed in volume and book order. This time I will see the impact of the Messenger’s organization. I will comprehend and study.

* * *

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  1. Similarly, having read all that is available, my practice involves looking at the world and then looking at the messages to see what might be applicable. Has some prophecy come true? Do human scientists and researchers see the same relationships that the messages speak about? How do the messages work together to get a bigger perspective on this evolutionary process we are part of? These things are an opportunity to point to the messages. Of all the potential sources of solutions to modern problems, few would look to spirituality.

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