“I Will Call Forth As Far As I Can”

Marshall Vian Summers at the 2014 Encampment. I will call forth as far as I canMarshall Vian Summers offered some remarks during the webcast on Day 4 of the 2014 Encampment of the New Message from God. This is longer than most blog posts, but I believe it is worthy of your consideration. I am taking a certain liberty with the paragraph divisions, but they are informed by the words and the pauses in the audio.

I will call forth as far as I can

We are living in a time of revelation, where God has spoken again. Not since the times of Mohammed, has this taken place. It is a time in which many people are called into the world, to be a part of this. It is a time where people’s lives will be quickened and changed, in preparation. It is a time when many people will feel a mysterious thread, like a gravity, pulling them in a certain direction. Perhaps even pulling them out of situations they have established for themselves. It is entirely mysterious. I cannot explain it for you.

Heaven knows who it seeks in the world, to respond to this, to be amongst the first respondents. And it seeks to bring them to the revelation, but it also seeks to bring them to one another. For it would be of no benefit, if large numbers of people have a private relationship with me. Or even with the revelation. For what will come of that? For this is not merely, as the teaching [“The Worldwide Community of God’s New Message”] has just said, for your personal enrichment, whether it be material or spiritual, it is to call you into a greater service. Part of you wants that, and part of you is perhaps afraid. Part of you yearns for that, and part of you is still very invested in other things. Part of you knows that what the world emphasizes is not true. And part of you, somehow still believes it, or hopes it to be true.

So my purpose is to build true relationship. Because the revelation must rest upon pure relationship. And by “pure” I mean, generated by the deeper power that God has placed within all of you, with your divergent personalities, your idiosyncrasies, your unique problems, your limitations. Knowledge is like a great equalizer, to bring people’s talents forward, while minimizing your handicaps. Part of the essence of the new revelation is relationships of higher purpose. That doesn’t mean lofty romance, or romancing the angels, or romancing the divine, or romancing one another, or romancing the Earth. It is really coming into a deeper association. For what truly unites people in community, is purpose.

And now, this is a purpose from heaven. It’s not a human invention. It has the power of heaven in it. It has the will of heaven in it. It is calling people to be in a sacred union with each other. Not only for the personal benefits that that will bestow, but upon meeting a far greater need in the world. For heaven knows that humanity stands at the precipice of calamity. It is vulnerable to a universe full of intelligent life, who is undermining its foundation here on earth. Many of you know this, but do not know how to respond. And no one knows how to respond fully to these things.

And that is why God has spoken again, to rescue humanity from a dilemma which it cannot alone resolve. Based upon the union of people, the devotion of people, the resonance of people with God’s new word for the world. A word that is not only to bring people into one community, but to influence all the communities of the world. So that people of all faith traditions can learn of the Greater Community, and can prepare for a world in decline. My intention is not only to unite this sacred community, but to affect everyone else, to plant the seeds of awareness, and to tell them that there is no hell and damnation, and that they too carry Knowledge within them, and that heaven has a purpose for them, regardless of their circumstances, regardless of all that happened to them. It is the sacred community who will help carry the revelation forward, I cannot do it. I’ll be a mere footnote in history, perhaps, without that. And those of you who have a destiny here, cannot find your purpose without me, and without this. It’s a freedom that has no choice. Well, maybe it has a choice, but it’s not a very good choice.

So the emphasis on the source, on this community is very strong. And I hold this community to be precious. And those who are in it are precious to me. And those who will be in it are precious to me. And when I am no longer here I will be charged with overseeing this, though I may be unable to influence it directly. In your heart you will know this is true. The mind is confused, because it has been so contaminated by the world, and by the process of separation.

The Lord of the universes is very smart. God does not have to manage you and your chaotic affairs, the haphazard nature of life here on earth. God has just put the calling within you. Sooner or later, in this life or another, it will emerge, and begin to turn you towards heaven. This is such a time, for those who can respond. And I call to you to respond. And I call to those whom you will speak to, to respond. And I call to you regardless of your circumstances. I call you to come out of self-degradation and self-repudiation, for you know not your value in the light of these things. Even to respond means you must trust yourself. You must value yourself. You must see that your errors are not who you really are. As a child does not know any better, you did not know any better. And as you proceed, that strength of knowing will become stronger, making it more difficult for you to make a mistake. What a magnificent gift.

This is my calling, I will call forth as far as I can. And I will call through you as far as we can. If there are millions waiting to hear this, then nothing else will satisfy them, or give them comfort, or inspiration. Live for this, and you will be uplifted. May the presence of the Teachers be with us. Nasi Novare Coram [a phrase meaning “The presence of the Teachers of God is with me, used as a blessing or invocation or benediction in the New Message community].

* * *

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